My First Post: My Dream For My Daughter

Hello all! This is my very first post! As a holistic health coach, I am passionate about organic and holistic living, as well as sharing its benefits with my clients, family and friends. Learning more and keeping abreast on all the new information regarding natural health and fitness is what I do for fun when the kids go to bed at night, and so obviously a career in this area is fitting for me. This is not, however, what is driving me now as I begin on my journey into the business world.

About six months into my schooling at IIN(Institute for Integrative Nutrition), I was certified to begin working with clients on a professional basis, and encouraged to do so by my instructors. I understood this to be a very important and crucial part of my schooling, however I was too shy to really market myself at first. That all changed when I realized my true passion did not actually lie in counseling people on healthy eating and exercise alone.

I was just boppin along listening to lectures one afternoon a couple months ago, when I came across one from a guest speaker on body image entitled, ‘Killing us Sofly’. The lecture spoke about the media in a way I had never heard before, not only linking it to eating disorders in young women, but addressing its effects on young men as well. Never have I been so personally touched by a school lesson before, and I’ll tell you why…

All right, moment of truth right now, the day I listened to this lecture happened to be the very same day I had begun to seriously consider getting breast implants. I know what your thinking, how very “holistic” of you, Health Coach! And knowing me it was a whim that would have passed, but that is how powerful the media is. Even us natural nerd Health Coaches, as I’ve been aptly called, fall pray to the pressures of the world around us at times.

Well, naturally after listening to the lecture I was really agitated with myself. I looked at the Victoria Secret magazine still laying open on the bed across from me that had, incidentally, fueled my earlier thoughts of breast augmentations, and had one thought – what would I say to my daughter about ‘boob jobs’?

The answer is simple, I would say, “Heavens no! They are horrible for your health! You are beautiful the way you are!” Don’t we all do that at times though, judge ourselves harsher than others? The thought of someone else needing breast augmentation would  never EVER have entered my mind, though I was easily able to look apron myself as less than enough. If I had a the procedure done, though, how could I possibly tell my daughter she doesn’t need it?

I could go on all night, and I have a lot more to cover that I couldn’t possibly touch on in one post, but I’ve got vegetables to steam and children to tend to. I’d like to leave you with just a few points and a video before I go.

– Advertising makes up the foundation of the mass media.

– Women are taught that we are never good enough as we are( least of all our breasts of coarse ) and that we should continually strive to be cover girls, when in actuality such an ideal doesn’t even exist.

– According to the National Institute of Medicine, 25 to 40 percent of ladies who get breast implants end up needing additional operations to correct something wrong with the first one.

– Apart from the obvious risks and side effects of un-necissary surgery, breast implants can have VERY serious health risks themselves.

– Some might make the point that women should do what makes them happy with their bodies, but breast augmentation generally either reduces feeling( if not completely eliminating it)to the area, turning the woman into an object of someone else’s pleasure.

– Poor men! Imagine being brainwashed into thinking that you’re are attracted to starved stick figurines with plastic parts. Imagine how much easier life would be for young men if they realized they actually wanted a healthy and grounded girl instead of a flighty mess.

– Most of us think we are not effected but the media, but this isn’t true. The average American is exposed to 3,000 ads per day, some more, some less. None of us can say we just tune out advertising.

There are so many amazing and truly beautiful things about women that we could and should be celebrating. Women are able to be soft and delicate, and yet strong and durable enough to bear children. When a breastfeeding mother kisses her newborns skin, the little ‘germs’ on her babies skin go into her body and create special antibodies in her milk supply designed perfectly to protect that baby.

My dream for my daughter is that her childhood will not be cut short by the media. My wish for her is that as she grows she may have the knowledge and confidence to face advertising and still look in the mirror and see a beautiful daughter of God, instead of seeing what she could change to make herself better. This is what is driving me now to create a blog and advertise myself as someone who specializes in counseling women and girls struggling to find peace with themselves.

Thanks for reading! hugs!

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