Amazing Juice Part 1: The Cancer Connection

Childhood diets are the major cause of adult cancers. Heart disease is easy to prevent. Cancer is different, cancer is more difficult. But we can win the war on cancer.

– Joel Fuhrman, MD


From cancer to diabetes, sometimes the answer to our illnesses are as simple yet complex as needing more fruits and vegetables. Simple yet complex? I don’t need coffee, no. I mean to say that the answer is simple, yet the process of actually protecting yourself is complex. Sort of.

The average American would be surprised at how many times improper nutrition is behind many of the serious illnesses and diseases so common in our world today. Many of you are probably getting sick of the ‘pill for every ailment’ approach, and are now looking to do more than suppress your symptoms.

When our body gets sick, it is communicating with us. When we tune it out with western medication, we never get to the root problem, and thus the list of medication needed climbs higher and higher. As many of you know by now though, pharmaceutical prescriptions are a large part of our growing cancer rates.

There are many health conscious Americans, however, avoiding trans fats and eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, and these individuals are still getting sick. This is where the complex part comes in.

Cancer is one of the most frightening, devastating, and tricky illnesses to prevent. As quoted above, heart disease is easy. One must simply avoid trans fats, eat well and exercise on a regular basis. Preventing cancer, on the other hand, requires an individual to obtain CNA, or comprehensive nutritional adequacy.

The most dangerous nutrient to be deficient in is the one you’re deficient in.

– Joel Fuhrman, MD

Using new advanced technologies, we can actually read a persons AGE’s ( advanced glycation end products ) in their tissues and skin. Simply put, this is a good indicator of a persons biological age. When compared with a person eating the Standard American Diet, or even a ‘Food Pyramid’ diet for that matter, a person consuming large amounts of organic leafy greens and  organic green cruciferous vegetables shows a much lower biological age.

More amazing still, take a woman with high GSTP activity ( a woman with genetic risk or predisposition for breast cancer ) feed her enough cabbage, kale and other raw veggies daily, and that gene putting her at risk for cancer is suppressed and therefore unable to express itself.

Now, I do not take synthetic vitamins nor do I supplement my family with them, the reason being that your body won’t even be able to assimilate them enough to be beneficial. Fat soluble vitamins are beneficial and a whole separate issue that I’ll address later.

It’s important to understand that synthetic vitamins are manufactured very similarly to pharmaceutical drugs, and likewise cause stress to your internal organs as well as oxidative stress to your cells.

Cancer rates actually skyrocketed in 1930 when vitamins and minerals were first discovered and manufactured. These rates have continued to climb every single year with no exception. In no way am I placing all blame on synthetic vitamins, certainly factory farming with its antibiotics and other such evils are now an enormous part of the cancer equation. I am simply putting emphasis on the effects of the synthetic world in which we live.

While it is true that many people are alive today only because of advancements made in the medical field, every time we try to re-invent the wheel of nature we will fail, or in the least face dire consequences to our health.

Nature already provides us with the capability to achieve comprehensive nutritional adequacy, we must simply be willing to eat a LOT of raw veggies and moderate amounts of raw fruits. This sounds easy enough, but the problem comes in when we simply don’t enjoy eating them that much. And of coarse we are so stinking busy with our daily lives we just don’t have time to sit down and eat a bowl of raw kale, let alone chewing each piece down until it’s completely broken down in order to even get the cancer fighting benefits of that kale.

The answer to the vitamin dilemma and to the veggie dilemma is easy, fun and TASTY!

Juice! Yes, juice. Not store bought juice, straight up make-it-in-your-kitchen juice. Amazing, energy and mood boosting, and even life saving juice.

If you have time, look up Jay Kordich online. He has made a living practically off of preaching about juice, and if you like him on Facebook you’ll get daily updates and tips. Another good person to check out is Drew Canole, juicing expert. Again, like his Facebook page, ‘Juicing Vegetables’ and get great daily update.

If not, no worries as Ill be back tonight or tomorrow to conclude with Amazing Juice Part 2, where I’ll dive into benefits and the juicer I personally use daily, as well as great tips and  juicing recipes that are family favorites in my house.

Until then thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts:)

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