Amazing Juice Part 2: The Most Powerful Way to Kickstart Your Health


I’m excited to be here writing about this today because I LOVE juicing! And more importantly, I love the benefits of juicing. It is, in my opinion, the most powerful way to kickstart your health, and a very important part of Ayurvedic traditions.

It is hardly a new phad either, and in fact stories of the power of medicinal juices have been recorded in many ancient cultures. The first documentation about juicing has been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, dating back to about 150 B.C.

I told you about how synthetic vitamins are not an effective or safe way to get your vitamins and ensure CNA ( comprehensive nutritional adequacy ), well let me tell you – juicing is an excellent form of alternative supplementation!

When we consume fresh made juice, all of the vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants are separated from the fiber and go directly into our bloodstream and begin repairing our cells immediately. This makes juice supplementation ideal for those who suffer with poor digestive health, and because the enzymes and vitamins have been separated from the fiber, you more than triple the health benefits of the vegetable itself.

For example, juicing five carrots would be the equivalent nutritional value of eating an entire bag of carrots. Wow :0

Juicing is such a powerful method of turning back the biological clock that there have been many cases of women and men reducing their fine lines and wrinkles and trading in their gray hair for their old youthful color again.

Juicing is a large part of my family’s diet, and it has been a large part of Austin’s healing  process. The juicer I personally use and love is the Omega Juicer. You can check it out here: 


I would recommend that you purchase it in black as I have the white and it stains very easily. The black Omega Juicer will be an attractive addition to your countertop, and if you end up becoming an avid juicer, trust me, it’ll probably stay there for the rest of its life.

The following are some great recipes to get any beginner started:

Apple Tart

* 5 carrots greens removed

* 1 apple ( any kind ) seeds removed

* 1/2 inch ginger root

* 1/2 cucumber

* 3 celery sticks

* 1 lemon wedge

Folate Special

* 2 kale leaves

* small handful parsley

* small handful spinach

* 4-5 carrots, greens removed

Clear Complexion Tonic

* 2-3 slices of pineapple include skin

* 1/2 cucumber

* 1/2 apple seeds removed

Garden Salad

* 3 broccoli flowerets

* 1 garlic clove

* 4-5 carrots or 2 tomatoes

* 2 celery stalks

* 1/2 green pepper

* 1 lemon wedge

…and last but not least, my favorite dessert drink of all time! If you’re a sweet tooth this drink will carry you through many days as you venture away from refined sugars…

grape juice black_main

Grape Delight

1 big handful purple grapes

1 big handful green grapes

1/2-1 cucumber

1 apple

1/4 inch ginger root if desired

You might be wondering to yourself, “why not just purchase ready-made juice from the store?”

That, my friend, is because the juice from the store, even if it is “organic” has been pasteurized, a heating process in which everything but the sugars are basically destroyed. While there are other brands of juices and smoothies out there claiming the health benefits of raw juice, the ‘Mana’, or life force, of the juice has already died. Therefore when you purchase juice that has sat on a shelf you’re just drinking the sugars of the fruit without getting any of the nutrition.

That is also why you should only juice what you and your family can drink in the moment. Those precious live enzymes that make juice so powerful actually die after about only fifteen minutes or so after being separated from the fiber.

There you go! Play around with these recipes and tips and soon you’ll come up with many of your own favorites. There really is no limit to the vegetables and fruits you can juice; my advice is to go wild with it. 😉 The crazier you get, the more fun you’ll have. Just be careful when blending fruits and veggies together, sometimes that can lead to a tummy ache. However, if it feels right for you, go for it!

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