One Week Anti-Stress Challenge


We all get so caught up in daily life and the media around us that we are often very disconnected with reality. Many Americans suffer from Vata imbalances as a result of our high stress environments, and feel helpless and sometimes hopeless to do anything about it.

The number one health risk today is stress. When we are under stress our immune systems are compromised, leaving us far more susceptible to not only catching every bug that comes our way, but also to developing cancer and other diseases.

The good news is that there are some very simple steps we can all take to alleviate our stress levels, and to get back in tune with ourselves and with nature. This is all intuitive, and sometimes we just need to take the time to remind ourselves!

Take this one week challenge and see how different you feel by day 7 – I promise it will make a difference in your health. Remember, this is not meant to be a permanent lifestyle change…think of it more as a temporary cleanse for your mind:)

#1. Turn off the T.V. – Simple yet very effective. Abstain from watching television for one week, no news ( if something drastic happens someone will call you ) , no shows, no commercials. If you watch anything, have it be a children’s movie with your kids, or even without if you don’t have children.

#2. Limit Computer Usage – Research shows that increased computer usage can drastically increase our risk of depression and insomnia, and can even affect cognitive ability and mental focus. Limit your computer time to work obligations. Do not use the computer for at least one hour before hitting the hay.

#3. Write – Unless our job entails a great deal of writing, most of us express our words through text messaging, e-mailing and social networking. Get a notepad and journal every morning this week. It doesn’t have to be anything intelligible, just jotting down words will be therapeutic and bring you in closer touch with your truth. Don’t think too much about it.

#4. Laugh- Laughter really is the best medicine. It may sound silly, but if at the end of a long work day you realize you haven’t laughed enough, find a way to bring some humor into your evening. Think of a funny joke you’ve heard before ( I’m serious! ), or call upon your funniest friend or relative for support.

#5. Get Into Nature – Research shows that getting in touch with nature not only decreases stress and depression, but induces faster physical and spiritual healing time as well. Taking a walk in the great outdoors is a great way to accomplish this, so give yourself at least 20 min. per day this week to do it.

For some of us computers and television have become a large part of our daily lives, and when taken out we find ourselves at a loss for what to do with that spare time. This is where the fun part comes in!

Now is an excellent chance to get back to some old hobbies or talents that you’ve neglected to take time for, or to discover new ones you never knew you’d enjoy. Even if you just take some of your new found time to do something extra special for your family or a friend, its a win-win situation all around.

You have nothing to loose from taking the one week challenge, and everything to gain!

Good luck and happy rediscovery!:)

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