Preventing Colds Naturally


Dang, has this been the year of sickness or what? I don’t know about where you live, but up here in Alaska it has been epic. Seriously catastrophic. Many of us have forgotten what it even feels like to be without a stuffy nose and soar throat.

My family started the year out this way as well, until I buckled down, got to work and took action using some  serious preventative methods, as listed below. Also note that a few of these may be better suited for those of you in higher altitude climates where things can get pretty dry and crusty.

#1. Run a humidifier every day.  This sounds too simple to have an effect on preventative health, but it’s crucial for dry climates. If those throat and nasal passageways get dry, your body will over produce mucous in attempts to balance things out. Run the humidifier as many times in the day as you want, the more often the better. Just be sure your air is clean ( see next tip ) and that you clean out your humidifier after each use.

#2. Diffuse essential oils.  I realize that not everybody has a diffuser, and while you can do just fine without one, it’s really something I recommend to make your life easier. Diffusing OnGaurd is an extremely effective way to kill germs and bacteria in the air, and reduces your chances of contracting an illness by about 50%. Another great oil to diffuse that will aid in cleaning the air is Purify.

#3. Spray OnGaurd as alternative hand sanitizer. I buy a small spray bottle that will fit nicely in my purse or diaper bag and mix the following :

* 5 drops OnGaurd

* 6-7 drops fractionated coconut oil

* fill the rest of the way up with purified water

See? Super simple, and boy is it more effective than traditional toxic hand sanitizer.  It is possible to avoid the harmful effects of hand sanitizer and still protect yourself and your family – and smell good while your doing it!

#4. Juice. So again, I know not everyone has a juicer, and while you can get by without, I really, really recommend that you look into getting one. It can radically transform your entire being, and it’s a tasty way to ensure immunity and fill in those nutritional gaps ( which are often responsible for weak immunity ). For more information on the power of juicing, see these articles: and

#5. Take E3Live. ( see beauty products section above ^ ) E3Live is very special in that it is the only food containing a unique polysaccharide that stimulates white blood cell activity. More amazing still, E3Live stimulates the flow of something called NK cells (natural killer cells ) making it a must for healthy immunity.

Start out at about one teaspoon morning and afternoon, and gradually increase to about 3 tbs. per day. It is a fantastic addition to any homemade juice recipe.

#6.  Take Vitamin D. Last on the list for today, but certainly not least as vitamin D deficiency is often a huge part of the cold and flu season equation, there is most defiantly a correlation between flu epidemics and seasonal sun exposure ( or lack of ). We now know that if you are above the Georgia line you aren’t getting vitamin D from the sun. This is due to the fact that the sun must be directly overhead for absorption because of the way it is able to penetrate the ozone layers…or something of that nature. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on the subject of science ( and this happens to be a lecture I need to re-listen to as it was soo long and boring ), but it is indeed fact that Vitamin D absorption has to do with proximity to the equator.

Depressing? Yes, a little, but nature still supplies us with all we need to obtain our daily Vitmain D quota, which is about 2,000 IU’s per day ( as currently recommended by my teacher, Dr. Andrew Weil ). If you are like me and don’t take synthetic vitamins ( see Amazing Juice Part 1 for why ),  the answer lies in FCLO, fermented cod liver oil. Regular cod liver oil will certainly suffice, however FCLO is a better option by far, and something I recommend for all children and adults who are not practicing a vegan diet, as it is natures gift to those of us in dark regions.

Fermented cod liver oil in truth is rather disgusting, but you can disguise the taste fairly easily in a smoothie, or do as I do and just take it as a shot ( I recommend 1 – 1/2 tsp. ) followed up by a sip of juice. This oil has been regarded as a sacred food by many cultures, but most famously by the Norwegians, who kept it outside their doors to keep it cool. These people must have known through trial and error the importance of Vitamin D without even having a name for it.

That being said, you need to be sure when purchasing any fish oil that you are getting a high quality brand, as cheap ones can be not only ineffective but costly to your health. Here is the FCLO that myself and most other oil connoisseurs use: 3273-1Well, this is where I leave you! Of coarse a healthy diet and mindset is the foundation for healthy immunity, but it doesn’t hurt to have extra defenses up. Follow these fail-safe tips and avoid all of the bugs that come you way:) Health is your greatest wealth! Health and happiness to you all!

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