5 Steps to Staying Motivated


Any time you’re out there on a limb making new lifestyle changes, motivation is the key factor that keeps your engine revving. Weather it be a new diet or exercise regime, or maybe you’re simply trying out my One Week Anti-Stress Challenge https://holisticgirls.wordpress.com/2012/12/18/one-week-anti-stress-challenge/, you need motivation to have consistency, and you simply can’t reach you’re goals without consistency.

Many people develop various ways of staying motivated, but even more people give up before their goals have been reached. This is completely understandable; making changes this huge are entirely overwhelming.

So, what might a person do who has all but given up trying to keep motivated? What might one do who is to the point of wanting to give up?

These five steps can get you back on track and on you’re way to reaching you’re goals.

#1) Let go of your mistakes – If you’ve recently given in and eaten something you wish you hadn’t, or if you’ve skipped a week of exercise, it can be easier to stay off the wagon than to jump back on. This is partially because you’re frustrated with yourself. You feel as though all the time prior to your perceived ‘failure’ was wasted and there’s no point to continue because you will only continue to fail. Let go of the pre-conceived notion that success comes without failure. Knowing that no one is inherently without imperfections will help you to have a better outlook on your circumstance. Your successes won’t be determined by the off days you have here and there, but by your willingness to keep on trucking and by your lifestyle overall. 

#2) Learn to let go of your comfort zone – For example, for me the biggest comfort in my day came after the kids went to bed and I could zone out, watch a movie, and EAT. This was a very hard habit to break for me, because at the end of the day I didn’t care about my goals as I did in the earlier part of the day, I just needed something for me. When I told myself that drinking warm tea would someday be of comfort to me if I made it my new nightly habit, I was able to finally change things. Now I don’t wake up in the mornings feeling full and unmotivated, which makes me so much happier than I was before. And guess what? It took much less time than I thought to form this new healthy comfort!

#3) Visualize your new life – Visualization is a crucial step to to motivation. Many times visualization is motivation. Set aside at least a few minutes every day, upon waking up or before going to bed at night, to visualize yourself reaching your goals. Often times we spend most of our time unconsciously and consciously  believing that what we’re working for really isn’t even possible. This is what determines who is successful  and who isn’t. By making time to visualize positive outcomes you are shaping your subconscious ( which is exponentially more powerful than our conscious mind ) in a constructive way.

#4) Keep your eyes on the prize – Often times our motivation can be derailed when we pay too much attention to what others around us are accomplishing. For instance, it’s natural to see others reaching their goals with what seems to you like extreme ease, and to feel frustration at the slow pace of your own success. Keep your eyes ahead and on your own work and you’ll be not only more successful, but happier. Everything happens for different people at different times, and everyone is struggling with something, weather you can see it or not.

#5) Give yourself a pat on the back – Being too hard on yourself will get old fast. It’s important to enjoy what you’re doing, so make it as fun as possible and give yourself a pat on the back for your awesome efforts. You are working really hard, and you deserve some praise!

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