Be the Beauty you Wish to See


I havent blogged in a while, but I feel compelled to take this moment in time to celebrate you and tell you that you are one of a wonderful kind. There is only one you to make this world complete. Your gifts and talents are unique to you alone in this world, and I encourage you to embrace that and to not be ashamed.

We tend to feel too ashamed or embarrassed to allow the world a peek at who we really are behind the curtain of normalcy and conformance. The thing is…what is normal? A curtain. In all honesty it is nothing more than that; a curtain that exists solely to keep you in the good graces of others.

We’ve been trained since childhood to desire acceptance from our peers before anything else, but in reality this breeds unhappiness for all parties involved. Allow me to let you in on a little known secret – those people that you believe are exactly what you should be, are actually just better actors then you are. Underneath the pretenses they are as beautifully unique as yourself.

The things we see in others and in the world as a whole, are the very things that actually exist in ourselves. When we find ourselves unhappy, or feel that we have been wronged ‘left and right’, it is a good time to evaluate who we have allowed ourselves to become.

Good people see only the good and potential for good in others, and beautiful people see only the beauty in all of God’s creatures.

You don’t feel beautiful? That needs to be changed.

You are beautiful, and you will see this once you start seeing the world in a different light, once you learn to appreciate not what society tells us is beautiful about women, but what is truthfully beautiful about women.

You will understand that you are beautiful when you realize truth in all areas of life. Truth says that differences are beautiful. Differences don’t just apply to color and size, as I have often blogged about, but to everything that makes us different.  I’m controversially talking differences in opinion, political and spiritual beliefs, parenting styles and more.

So many of us, previously myself included, waste far too much of our precious time wishing that others would mirror our beliefs and opinions, and often times we even choose to un-freind those who’s beliefs and opinions differ too far from our own.

While this approach to life actually does sound logical enough, it’s not a sustainable way of living for those looking to incorporate love into daily life, as well as receive compassion from the world. To get, you must first give, so give acceptance and compassion freely.

Also, seriously how boring would life be if we were all of the same mindset? Ok, so say we all become liberals, what then? What will we all disagree over? Well, plenty of things I’m sure, but my point is that we’re not just caught on the specific issues over which we differ, but more on the confrontation. We as people are addicted to disagreement!

Never will we be all the same, and this is a very good thing. In a world where we all must meet one standard of beauty and of thought, only some can be ordained by society as beautiful and smart; in a world where beauty is defined by individuality, we are all beautiful and very valuable.

Choose to see the beauty that exists in life, and eventually everything negative will fade away.

Choose to see the beauty in others, and you, my friend, become instantly beautiful.

Choose to be the beauty that you wish to see.

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