Will Fruit Make Me Fat?

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Will fruit make me fat? I hear this question all the time, and it’s totally valid because the body building industry would have you believe it certainly can. Now, there is something to timing your foods, especially foods containing sugar, so generally speaking in terms of weight loss and other such ‘leaning out’ goals, it could certainly be beneficial to keep the fruit servings to morning/afternoon snacks/meals.

HOWEVER, I personally never advise that people abstain from fruit at night! For goodness sakes, especially if they are embarking on a totally foreign-to-them lifestyle change, they are probably having a hard enough time cutting out other preferred evening snacks that are much more unhealthy! I’d rather see them with a bowl of wholesome nutritious fruit over a plate of brownies any night!

Fruit – The Original Fast food! Unlike a lot of health advisors, I do not encourage the counting of calories…

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Coco…or Cocoa? Incredible Supplimentation via Chocolate

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If you haven’t previously met, let me introduce you now to the mother of all chocolate – true chocolate – the cocao bean!

Truly a superfood, cocao ( Ku-Kow ) has the highest concentration in antioxidants of any food or supplement known to man. You’ve heard that chocolate has PEA ( phenylethylamine ), the love molecule ( read here http://holisticchickblog.com/beauty-products/ more info on PEA ). Let me tell you, the Amount found in commercial chocolate is quite weak in comparison to that in cocoa. In fact, every benefit that makes chocolate beneficial is from the cocao bean, as this is the base from which all chocolate is made.

The cocao bean is converted into the milder tasting ‘cocoa’ that we are familiar with, through a lengthy process of anaerobic fermentation ( meaning fermentation and conversion without oxygen ), diminishing much of the nutritional value. After the process is completed, sugars, preservatives and…

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Boost your metabolism with one easy trick!

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water art-4

Are you on a weightloss journey? Are you looking to boost your energy? Boost your metabolism? Get more out of the healthy habits you already have in place?

This ONE simple detox strategy can do more for you than you would ever imagine and its FREE! It’s water.

As we know it’s not just about the healthy foods and supplements that we consume, but a huge part of finding success in our healthy endeavors is strategy.

Todays healthy living tip : Drink 1 – 2 liters of warm – room temperature water upon waking up tomorrow morning BEFORE eating or drinking anything else.

What this will do is actually cleanse your GI tract. You know how they say we can actually carry up to 30 lbs of toxic waste in our intestines? Not only is this extra heavy weight that we don’t want to be carrying around, but this garbage…

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Prevent/Clear acne holistically 3 easy tricks

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Are skin problems or irritations putting a damper on your self esteem? Here I’ve shared 3 simple tricks that you can implement into your daily routine that can get you on the road to clearer skin asap!

Feel free to pm me with any questions/concerns or for more info on how you can accelerate your detox regimen for a healthier glow 😀

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One Week Anti-Stress Challenge

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We all get so caught up in daily life and the media around us that we are often very disconnected with reality. Many Americans suffer from Vata imbalances as a result of our high stress environments, and feel helpless and sometimes hopeless to do anything about it.

The number one health risk today is stress. When we are under stress our immune systems are compromised, leaving us far more susceptible to not only catching every bug that comes our way, but also to developing cancer and other diseases.

The good news is that there are some very simple steps we can all take to alleviate our stress levels, and to get back in tune with ourselves and with nature. This is all intuitive, and sometimes we just need to take the time to remind ourselves!

Take this one week challenge and see how different you feel by day 7 –…

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No Sugar Bakes – A delish no guilt dish

I have to reblog this for any new followers who have joined recently 🙂 Try this and you’ll happily throw out ALL of your refined sugars for good! You’re welcome world 🙂

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Looking for a healthy AND easy to make munchy snack? Try my ‘no sugar bakes’ 🙂 These are a family favorite in my house, and we make them every movie night!

Follow these simple steps and enjoy!

* 1 3/4 cup organic unrefined coconut palm sugar

* 4 tbs unsweetened coco powder ( cocoa powder or pieces for the raw lovers )

* 1/2 cup milk of choice ( I use raw goat or oat milk )

* 1/2 cup coconut oil

* 3 cups organic quick cooking oats ( Bobs Red Mill )

* 1/2 tsp vanilla stevia extract ( totally optional tastes fine without it )

* 1/2 cup natural style peanut butter or any kind of nut butter you prefer ( my husband prefers this recipe w/ raw pecan butter )


Step #1 – Add the palm sugar, coco powder, milk, coconut oil & vanilla to a…

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Delicious Wild Alaskan Fish Head Soup

This is by far one of my favorite soups to make for our family, and boy is it as easy as it is healthy!

My Grandpa and I boiled all of our salmon heads from one of the men’s dip netting adventures last summer, strained off all of the excesses ( many cultures eat the eyes and cheeks, and while that is really nutritious, I would simply rather not! ) and jarred it all to put away in our freezer.

Now days when I want a quick, nutritious and hot meal, I de-thaw a couple of my jars in cold water/fridge and heat it back up. This is not only a traditional Alaskan meal, but a recognized protocol for the GAPS diet world wide. The fish head contains beautiful orange omega 3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients very important for healing a damaged gut. Consuming fish and bone stocks such as this one have been an enormous part of Austin’s healing journey with leaky gut syndrome.

As for those in the temperate regions, it is very important for us to move with the seasons in harmony in order to keep our health and energy, and we can best achieve this by taking advantage of what nature provides to do so.

Did you know that bone stocks are also an excellent source of calcium that is compatible with our body? Yes, the calcium, among the many important nutrients fish heads and bones contain, is able to be completely absorbed by your body ( unlike store-bought calcium supplements ), and is therefore a wonderful form of holistic and natural ‘dentistry’.

Next time you bring home your catch, don’t throw those heads away! Boil them instead and enjoy healthy digestion ( which means strong natural immune defenses ), a greater sense of balance and well being, and durable and cavity-free teeth 😀

Try this wholesome dish for your family; I promise you it will become a new family favorite!


Wild Alaskan Fish Head Soup ~ 

* Fish Heads

* 1 sliced onion

* Sliced celery

* 8 – 10 whole cloves of garlic

* optional – diced green onions

* 2 – 3 sliced yams

* sliced/diced tomatoes

* optional – 2 – 3 sliced sweet potatoes 

* Sea Salt

* Braggs Organic Sprinkle Seasoning

1.) Bring fish heads to a boil ( if you have an outside boiler that is optimal as the boiling heads will exude a very fishy odor – not an indicator of how the resulting soup will taste ). Boil until completely cooked, so probably somewhere between 30 – 60 minutes depending on how many heads we are talking about.

2.) Strain everything well and pour resulting broth into mason jars; freeze everything but what you will use today.

3.) Combine broth, vegetables and desired seasonings; bring to a boil.

4.) Reduce heat and let simmer for 45 minutes or until vegetables are cooked.

5.) Serve, cool*, and enjoy!

Note – for those who are experiencing digestive difficulty or who are on a whole foods/restorative journey with your health, feel free to add a few spoonfuls of whole fat, plain yogurt to your dish ( wait until it’s cooled a bit as the probiotics will be killed in high heat ). This actually gives it a very tasty chowder-like feel, and will reinforce the healing power of the dish.

Enjoy your healthy living practices, and have fun with what nature has to offer in your in your region!


Quinoa Yogurt for Happy Kids :D

Quinoa yogurt for kids?

While this dish may, in picture, resemble cream of rice too much to look delectable by anyones standards, it’s actually as tasty as it is healthy!  One of my kids favorite breakfast or lunch meals, quinoa is one of the most nutritious grains on the planet, and unique in that it is also a perfect source of complete protein.

Inspired by our time with the GAPS diet, I mixed in some yogurt, peppers and seasoning one afternoon, and discovered what is now an easy family favorite for days when I am pressed for time.

Not only do my kids love this meal, but my husband and I enjoy it as well! Because it is an excellent combo of protein and wholesome fats, I even use this as one of my post-lifting meals for maximum growth and development 🙂

Try this, you’re bound to like it!


First time quinoa users – be sure to rinse your quinoa before following cooking instructions! There is a naturally occurring chemical on quinoa ( you will see this bubbling off as you rinse ) that is not necessarily harmful when consumed, but will certainly give your dish an off taste 🙂 Enjoy!

* 2 1/2 cups pre-boiled  organic quinoa ( see bag for boiling instructions )

* 1 to 1 1/2 cups organic whole fat plain yogurt

* Veggie of your choosing ( we prefer chopped up bell peppers, cilantro & baby tomatoes )

* Seasonings of choice ( I add sea salt, Braggs Seasoning, garlic powder )

* a squeeze of fresh lemon juice

There you go – a perfectly well rounded meal for you and your littles to enjoy together! This is also a perfect way to start the day for anyone on a weightless journey as well. If you didn’t catch my post on ‘the fat myth’, in which I discuss keeping a healthy body weight by including fats into your diet, check it out here http://holisticchickblog.com/2013/02/03/the-fat-myth-and-stopping-cravings/

Have fun with your meals!

Blueberry Coconut “Ice Cream”

This delicious and nutritious substitute for ice cream is super easy to whip up when that craving hits! It makes for a perfect breakfast, pre/post-workout meal, or even dessert 🙂


Blueberry coconut ice cream smoothie ~

* 3 cups frozen blueberries

* 1 cup frozen fruit medley ( I used an acai antioxidant blend )

* 1 1/2 bananas

* 1 1/2 cup coconut milk

* 3 tbs almond butter ( 4 if this is post work out )

* 1 tsp vanilla or vanilla stevia

* 2 drops doTerra Lemon essential oil

* 2 drops doTerra Wild Orange essential oil

* optional – 1 drop Oregano essential oil

Blend ingredients together, serve, and enjoy! * Serves two 😀

Amazing Juice Part 2: Tips, Recipes & Info


( Nevaeh & I on a lovely juice date 🙂

I’m excited to be here writing about this today because I LOVE juicing! And more importantly, I love the benefits of juicing. It is, in my opinion, the most powerful way to kickstart your health, and a very important part of Ayurvedic traditions.

It is hardly a new phad either, and in fact stories of the power of medicinal juices have been recorded in many ancient cultures. The first documentation about juicing has been found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, dating back to about 150 B.C.

I told you about how synthetic vitamins are not an effective or safe way to get your vitamins and ensure CNA ( comprehensive nutritional adequacy ), well let me tell you – juicing is an excellent form of alternative supplementation!

When we consume fresh made juice, all of the vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants are separated from the fiber and go directly into our bloodstream and begin repairing our cells immediately. This makes juice supplementation ideal for those who suffer with poor digestive health, and because the enzymes and vitamins have been separated from the fiber, you more than triple the health benefits of the vegetable itself.

For example, juicing five carrots would be the equivalent nutritional value of eating an entire bag of carrots. Wow :0

Juicing is such a powerful method of turning back the biological clock that there have been many cases of women and men reducing their fine lines and wrinkles and trading in their gray hair for their old youthful color again.

Juicing is a large part of my family’s diet, and it has been a large part of Austin’s healing  process. The juicer I personally use and love is the Omega Juicer. You can check it out here:



I would recommend that you purchase it in black as I have the white and it stains very easily. The black Omega Juicer will be an attractive addition to your countertop, and if you end up becoming an avid juicer, trust me, it’ll probably stay there for the rest of its life.

The following are some great recipes to get any beginner started:

Apple Tart                                   photo-29

* 5 carrots greens removed

* 1 apple ( any kind ) seeds removed

* 1/2 inch ginger root

* 1/2 cucumber

* 3 celery sticks

* 1 lemon wedge






Folate Special                             photo-14

* 2 kale leaves

* small handful parsley

* small handful spinach

* 4-5 carrots, greens removed







Clear Complexion Tonic                      


* 2-3 slices of pineapple include skin

* 1/2 cucumber

* 1/2 apple seeds removed










Garden Salad           photo-34           

* 3 broccoli flowerets

* 1 garlic clove

* 4-5 carrots or 2 tomatoes

* 2 celery stalks

* 1/2 green pepper

* 1 lemon wedge

…and last but not least, my favorite dessert drink of all time! If you’re a sweet tooth this drink will carry you through many days as you venture away from refined sugars…




Grape Delight            photo-33

1 big handful purple grapes

1 big handful green grapes

1/2-1 cucumber

1 apple

1/4 inch ginger root if desired





You might be wondering to yourself, “why not just purchase ready-made juice from the store?”

That, my friend, is because the juice from the store, even if it is “organic”, has gone through pasteurization, a heating process in which everything but the sugars have been basically destroyed. While there are other brands of juices and smoothies out there claiming the health benefits of raw juice, the ‘Mana’ ( life force ) of the juice has already died. Therefore, when you purchase juice that has sat on a shelf, you’re just drinking the sugars of the fruit without getting any of the vital nutrition or live enzymes.

That is also why you might only want to juice what you and your family can drink in one sitting. Depending on the juicer you are using, those precious live enzymes that make the juice so powerful can actually die after only fifteen minutes or so upon being separated from the fiber. If juicing only once every couple days sounds like the optimal situation for you, consider the Omega ‘vert’ juicer, available under the same link given above.

There you go! Play around with these recipes and tips and soon you’ll come up with many of your own favorites. There really is no limit to the vegetables and fruits you can juice; my advice is to go wild with it. 😉 The crazier you get, the more fun you’ll have. Just be careful when blending fruits and veggies together, sometimes that can lead to a tummy ache. However, if it feels right for you, go for it! There is no right or wrong juice recipe 😀

Let me know if you have any questions, and follow me for continued recipes and tips!

Happy juicing!