Coco…or Cocoa? Incredible Supplimentation via Chocolate

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If you haven’t previously met, let me introduce you now to the mother of all chocolate – true chocolate – the cocao bean!

Truly a superfood, cocao ( Ku-Kow ) has the highest concentration in antioxidants of any food or supplement known to man. You’ve heard that chocolate has PEA ( phenylethylamine ), the love molecule ( read here more info on PEA ). Let me tell you, the Amount found in commercial chocolate is quite weak in comparison to that in cocoa. In fact, every benefit that makes chocolate beneficial is from the cocao bean, as this is the base from which all chocolate is made.

The cocao bean is converted into the milder tasting ‘cocoa’ that we are familiar with, through a lengthy process of anaerobic fermentation ( meaning fermentation and conversion without oxygen ), diminishing much of the nutritional value. After the process is completed, sugars, preservatives and…

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