Peaceful Zucchini Pasta Made Simple


Something I’m crazy for – raw Zucchini Pasta!

Ah this is so delicious, refreshing, and gentle on your system. I like to actually start my day off with Zucchini Pasta because it leaves me feeling energized, fresh but not weighed down as I would after eating grains. 

Because I don’t have a pasta maker, I’ll show you how I make my pasta with one simple-to-use tool that everyone has in their kitchen – a peeler! 

I took one huge zucchini from our garden and peeled of the outer skin, cut it into fourths, and from there stripped it down into noodles. This whole process takes me about 10 minutes, no sweat. 

To keep the recipe 95% raw, I blended the following for the pasta sauce:

* 2 large tomatoes

* 1/2 cup chopped zucchini

* oregano from my herb garden

* lemon leaf from my herb garden

* 3 tbs raw apple cider vinegar 

* 1/2 cup black lentils

* pinch of cilantro

* pinch of parsley

* 1 squeeze of lemon juice

I poured the sauce over the pasta and tossed together, along with some sliced baby tomatoes for an extra blast of flavor 🙂 

Cheese eaters out there can enjoy your favorite gourmet cheese sprinkled over the top as well!

Enjoy your peaceful pasta everybody!


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