Raw Lovers Burrito ~


Oh MY GOODNESS! I am addicted to various renditions of this burrito recipe! Wrapping with collard greens is a delicious way to stay raw and still get your mexican kick in 🙂

Here is my favorite version –

#1) On your cutting board lay out the largest fresh collard green your can get your hands on 😀

#2) In a bowl mash up 1 extra avocado and mix in 2 – 3 tbs raw apple cider vinegar ( Braggs ).  Spread the resulting guacamole on your collard leaf to create the base of our burrito.

#3) Add the following to you collard, sliced and diced as desired:

* cilantro

* parsley

* fresh sprouts

* tomatoes

* bell peppers

* ( optional ) 1 diced avocado

* ( optional for high protein wrap ) lentils, hummus, quinoa as pictured here, or ALL three together!

#4) Wrap it all up just like a burrito! With a very sharp knife, slice down the middle, plate, serve, and enjoy the very satisfying and filling goodness that is the healthiest burrito on the planet!

Enjoy this deliciousness raw lovers!

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