Shift Your Perception of Perfection! Smile Big & Often :D

* * *    “I want to keep trying, but I’m tired of starting over AGAIN, just to fail AGAIN 😦 !”  * * * 

If you are not continuously falling down on your path, it is because you you are not moving forward!

Everyone that you look up to, not only in the health and fitness industry, but in EVERY facet of life, has gotten to where they are ONLY because they never tired of starting over again!

Life is hard. It is about frustration and sadness as much as it is about happiness. Most of us fall into the trap of believing that to achieve our goals and to reach success means that we will experience little to no negative feelings; that everything will be perfect once we are perfect.

We will NEVER be perfect!

The knowledge that we are always going to face trial and error can be a slightly tough pill to swallow, but by accepting this you are actually paving a much smoother road ahead.

The ability to laugh it off and get back on the horse is the most invaluable trait you can possess throughout your journey to health and wellness. Trust me.

* * *    So – how do I start?   * * * 

Step #1: Shift your perception of perfection

Let’s do some visualization for a moment. Close your eyes and envision your success. You have achieved all that you are working so hard for right now; everything is now your ideal perfection. Weight, relationships, career, confidence – everything.

You might have done this many times before. What would be different about your past visions if success meant/included some of the smaller failures that have frustrated and even completely derailed you in times of perceived ‘weakness’?

As you will see, adjusting  your perception of perfection to allow for these little stumbles and slips actually doesn’t look like a vision too far from your current reality – at least not in comparison with the nearly unachievable image you might have previously pictured.

Step #2: Smile often!

I would not advise you to hold back tears in a moment of stress, but I defiantly advise that you smile BIG and often, especially in times when you feel you have failed yourself. It’s ok to feel sadness, and even compassion for yourself, but a hugely proactive practice for you to adopt can be to learn how to laugh at yourself.

All in good humor of course – never be demeaning of yourself! Having a sense of humor about a mild situation can be a much healthier approach than self degradation, which will NOT bring you to success any faster ( and is possibly the biggest thing standing between you and your goals ).

That’s it – two simple steps!

With practice you can shift your understanding of perfection, and by doing so you are not only speeding up the process by making goals that are attainable, but you are creating a more joyful and fulfilling experience all around.

And of course, laughter is always beneficial for the soul 🙂

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