100 Day Juice Feast :D


Did I tell you that I juice feasted for like, 15 days a while ago? No? Well, it was hard. It ended up being far more complicated that I had ever anticipated. While I originally wanted to juice for 100 days, ( lol ) I was quite miserable by day 15. This is not to say that it was a complete;y bad experience, no. I learned a lot and I actually do plan to fast/feast once a year from now on.

Physically I felt incredible. I just can’t emphasize that enough. It was euphoric just how wonderful and free my body felt. I have never had more energy, stamina or flexibility in my life! My skin was clear and my eyes were bright too. The part that was really draining was the loss of the emotional outlet that food had always provided. I could go on about that, but I feel that is another post entirely. Juice fasting also brings about almost another level of consciousness, or awareness of that consciousness, for the first time, which can be overwhelming at times.

Many are quick to wonder, “Why would you ever want to embark on such a journey of denial and discipline in the first place?”. As a health coach, after all, I encourage women to let go of the outdated perceptions that such principles are in the same realm of true healthy living and well being.

A juice feast is not supposed to be about denial and self control, however, although it does involve both in the beginning. A juice feast is a journey of detoxification and rejuvenation for both the mind and the body, and in idea, the spirit.

It’s been said that the body reflects the mind, and thus the mind reflects the soul. I’ve been told, and now experienced it firsthand, that juice feasting allows you to explore deeper emotional and spiritual truths behind the reasons we do what we do and feel how we feel.

I learned much about myself as an individual, and even more about myself as a parent and a wife. I am excited as well as apprehensive to have this experience again; I’m sure that the next time it will be a whole new one entirely.

Have you or would you ever juice feast/fast?


3 thoughts on “100 Day Juice Feast :D

  1. I’m new to juicing and make mine after lunch, then sip on it (about 17 ounces) through the afternoon. I really enjoy it. I’m not sure i could fast/feast, though. I’d like to hear more about your experience.

    • Thats wonderful! A fast is really something to ease into, and not to be taken lightly. You have a pretty good attitude about it, which means that if you ever attempted it, actually you probably would fair better than someone like me 🙂 I did loose weight, felt that my skin was rejuvenated, and cleared up a couple health concerns of mine, but the biggest thing that I learned was how much I was eating at inappropriate times, such as for stress or excess comfort, ect. The feast gave me a chance to address all that and implement solutions 🙂 Let me know if you have any other specific questions I m happy to talk

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