Body Image Takes Toll on Health

How do YOU feel about your body? 


Your body cannot serve you well when you think negative thoughts about it. In fact it is estimated that between 90 and 95% of all health problems originate with negative emotion!

Your body is doing the best it can for you, and it is the only place you have to live! Honor it today using the following 3 tips:

* Do your best to dismiss any negative images or physical frustrations that come to mind today about your body.

* Find at least one thing today that you appreciate about your body and focus on that every time a negative thought arises.

* Take at least 10 minutes today to exercise! Exercise increases self esteem and encourages positive body image.

yoga on the beach

The society we live in detracts from healthy body image and integrity in many ways. With practice we can retrain our minds and develop a more easy and natural relationship with our bodies. It just might be the most important preventative medicine we ever practice.

What is your favorite thing about your body?

Pumpkin Pie in a Glass ~

Are you ready to really get in the holiday spirit?

Are you ready for all the beloved holiday treats but also dreading increasing your waistline or breaking from your healthy habits?

The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice flavor or deprive yourself this year to stay healthy. There are so many ways to recreate the holiday treats we love with a healthy twist!

I will be doing my best to keep you posted with all the great recipes and ideas that are family favorites in our house throughout the holiday seasons! To kick off the festivities, I joyfully bring you a recipe that has quickly become dear to my heart – *Pumpkin Pie in a GLASS* 😀


When you take your very first taste you will be absolutely amazed by how good it is! Truly no exaggerations in the name, it’s pumpkin pie in a glass!


* 1 can of organic pumpkin pie mix

* 1 frozen banana ( be sure to peel prior to freezing )

* 2 tbs raw organic pecan butter or 2 tbs raw soaked whole pecans

* 1 1/2 tbs raw organic honey

* 1 cup raw milk or milk of choice

* 1 dash of nutmeg

* 1 dash of cinnamon

* 1 dash of pink sea salt


Blend all ingredients together, serve, and top with a sprinkle of nutmeg for extra holiday spice 🙂

Note that I made this smoothie to accommodate the cold Alaskan weather – not too cold. If you prefer a thicker, colder smoothie experience, you have the option of freezing your pumpkin mix prior to blending.

Enjoy, and may the spirit of the season be with you!