5 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil for Sunblock ( UPDATED 2014 )

Update on my most controversial post ever 😀

Holistic Chick's Blog


( Little Nevaeh soaking in the hot sun for our all day trip across the bay – this fair little child didn’t burn at all! )

RECENT UPDATE ( 2014 ): Lol! This post has received more attention by far than anything I have posted yet – I literally thought it would circulate through my family and friends on Facebook and end there as with my usual posts ( why this post God? lol ). Mostly I have received a lot of flack for it, and LOADS of hate. I should again note that my children, particularly my daughter who is pictured above, are extremely fair. I wrote this post not long after returning from our first family vacation together in Florida, the whole time using only coconut and emu oils as protection, without a single burn.

That being said, my husband did burn the back of his neck during a subsequent…

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