Homemade PB and Caramel Cups

I LOVE making healthy alternative sweets! While I certainly don’t consider peanut butter to be a health food, sometimes you’ve just got to have a peanut butter cup, and this is a way better option!

This recipe is yet to be perfected, but I’ll share now because it’s so much fun and SO simple 🙂 The kids LOVE them and love to help!


PB cup ingredients ( all are available in Homer at Anchor Point Natural Foods ):

You will need, in no exact measurements ~

* natural style peanut butter or nut butter of your choice ( a fabulous alternative would be a homemade *soaked nut butter )

* raw cocao powder

* raw cold pressed coconut oil

* pure maple syrup or sweetener of choice

* raw coconut butter ( some brands have a bit of a ‘cakey’ consistency )

* vegan or natural sprinkles

* finely shredded coconut meat

* cupcake foils

* cupcake pan


What I do:

1) First lay the cupcake foils out in the pan

2) Next heat together in a pan 2 tbs coconut oil, 2 tbs cocao, and 2 tbs maple syrup, or to taste

3) Pour desired amount of chocolate into the bottom of the cupcake foils and place in the freezer

4 ) In a bowl mix together in a ratio of 2:1:1:1 or to taste, the peanut butter, coconut butter, shredded coconut and sprinkles

5) Remove cupcake tray; stuff foils with desired amounts of your peanut butter mixture and smooth out with a spoon

6) With a spoon drizzle remaining chocolate ( melt more if needed ) on top

7) Sprinkle on top shredded coconut and plenty of SPRINKLES

8) Place in the freezer for 40 mins – 1 hour; remove and let thaw for 1 – 2 mins before peeling the paper off and serving


Caramel cup ingredients: 

Caramel filling – 

* pure maple syrup or coconut sugar

* 1 tbs raw almond butter

* 20 soft medjool dates

* a pinch of sea salt

Fudge base – 

* 1/4 cup soaked raw pecans

* 1/4 cup soaked cashews

* 8 soft medjool dates

* 2 – 3 tbs raw cocao powder

Chocolate coating – 

* raw coconut oil

* raw cold pressed coconut oil

* pure maple syrup or sweetener of choice

What I do:

1) First lay the cupcake foils out in the cupcake pan

2) In a food processor blend together the pecans, cashews, 8 dates and cocao powder

3) Press the ‘fudge’ into the bottom of the foils and place in the freezer

4) In a food processor or Vitamix blend together your sweetener, 20 dates, almond butter and sea salt – all to taste – until smooth

5) Remove cupcake tray from freezer and stuff as desired with caramel filling; replace in freezer

6) Melt together 2 tbs coconut oil, 2 tbs maple syrup and 2 tbs cocao, or to taste

7) Remove tray from freezer and with a spoon cover the caramel with desired amount of chocolate

8) Freeze for 1 hour

9) Remove and let thaw for 3 – 4 minutes before peeling off cupcake foils and serving 🙂

ENJOY and have fun with your kids in the kitchen!! XOxo