10 vaccine questions that fuel conspiracy fires


The following are just 10 questions fueling conspiracy fires that will never be covered/asked by mainstream media ( specific emphasis on mercury):

#1) Why do vaccines depend on herd immunity, a mythological phenomenon wherein one persons immunity determines another persons immunity, to be effective?

#2) If herd immunity is indeed essential in disease control, why are our smallest and most vulnerable citizens ALONE burdened with the current vaccine schedule? Vaccines, if effective at all, induce immunity that lasts no longer than 5 – 10 years.


Non-vaccinating parents are told they are putting others at risk by not subjecting their children to inoculations, however children under 15 make up only 20% of the American population. Any questions?

#3) Why has the CDC and the AAP more than doubled the recommended vaccine schedule since 1983 if vaccines are indeed to thank for the decline and/or eradication of infectious disease?

#4) Why is mercury still present as a preservative in vaccines?

     a. Why do doctors deny the continual use of mercury in vaccines while the CDC and FDA websites, as well as vaccine inserts, contradict these claims?

     b. The FDA website previously stated that methyl mercury ( organic compound consumed primarily in seafood ) is more dangerous and accumulative than ethyl mercury ( inorganic form used in vaccines ) while also admitting that monkeys injected with ethyl mercury had MORE methyl mercury accumulation in their brain than did the monkeys who consumed methyl mercury ( ethyl mercury metabolizes in the body as methyl mercury ). This was reported to be in ratios of up to 71% – 10%. This information has been removed from the FDA site sometime within the last three months. Why?

     c. The FDA website claims that “Organic forms of mercury are more easily absorbed and are less readily eliminated from the body than inorganic forms”, without giving a source for this bit of quackery information. Is this a joke? Or are we the readers supposed to swallow the idea that a CDC researcher could be so uneducated as to believe that injecting a substance into deep tissue leaves more room for elimination than does the process of digestion? ( side note: a healthy gut is non-permeable and will pass mercury without absorbing it into the bloodstream )

#5) Why was the medical definition of polio changed the year the polio vaccine was introduced, effectively eliminating 90% of all polio cases with the flick of a pen?

#6) Why was the public not made aware of the discovery of leukemia and cancer viruses in the original polio vaccines? And furthermore WHY were the contaminated vaccines not pulled from the market?

#7) Why do measles outbreaks occur primarily within vaccinated “pockets” of children? Do doctors recognize the shedding process that occurs after the administration of MMR, that it puts others at risk, and that measles is a recognizable side effect commonly experienced after receiving MMR?

 #8) Why are non-vaccinated pockets of children blamed for measles ( and other ) outbreaks when at least one new study proves that vaccinated children are 5 times more likely to contract a preventable disease than children who are unvaccinated?

#9) Why are all of the studies conducted “proving” the efficacy and safety of vaccines conducted and overseen by the CDC and funded by the vaccine companies? Are we to believe they will reveal findings that would in any way compromise their cash flow?

#10) It is recommended that infants receive the Hep B vaccine within the first 12 hours of life.

I understand that Hepatitis B is very contagious and potentially deadly. But the question is, do doctors understand how Hepatitis B is contracted?

Stay informed folks.









2 thoughts on “10 vaccine questions that fuel conspiracy fires

  1. It is so refreshing to see the accurate side of the story. I am so sick of all the propaganda that is being spread by “pro vaccinators”, I have stayed off of Facebook almost completely because it makes me sick to see all the lies being thrown around so casually. We do not vaccinate under any circumstance, and I feel that if most of my supposed Facebook “friends” knew this, they wouldn’t have anything to do with me anymore. I get the feeling from one of our friends that we are being prejudiced against because of this and not getting invited to birthday parties, etc. It hurts sometimes. People treat us like our two year old is some sort of germ ball, when he likely has a better immune system than most vaccinated kids his age. He gets about two colds a year, in the spring and in the fall, and they are short-lived and easily manageable. I think that the media pointing the blame on people like us is very unfair. I wish that it were easier to try to give people the facts without being called names. I want to ask most of these supposedly well read, scientific minded people, “have ya ever heard of a thing called viral shedding?!”

    • It is very unfair, and I’m sorry to hear that your friendships have been difficult. We experience this too, but then again I’m pretty public with our choices so its brought on by myself. Yes, over the years Ive observed that the most sickly children I know are also the most highly vaccinated children. It is no coincidence, as the crappy vaccines that are allotted to us are such garbage that they interfere with and suppress natural immune function. Haha, yes I’m not sure why the shedding is not really acknowledged by the more “objective” minds. Keep doing what you are doing, and thanks for connecting with me. It’s great to hear from a likeminded Homer Mama!

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