Sugar Bug! The mysterious vein on your child’s nose


As divine intervention would have it, last night I stumbled upon an article that has the potential to help me understand my four-year old daughter better – an article I wish I’d been able to read when she was a baby.

Here’s our back story: as a baby my daughter was happy, smiling constantly and crying infrequently, although admittedly she was a very light sleeper.

I don’t remember exactly when things changed, but I do remember that by the time she was a year and a half old she was, for lack of better words, troubled. Frequently at night she awoke in uncontrollable screams and angry shrieks that left her dad and I feeling helpless and confused. By day she was hyperactive and very reactive, always quick to lose her temper and shriek in an aggressive and irrational manner that generally could be indicative of explosive or negligent parenting behind the scenes, which was not the case at all.

Well apparently my daughter was born with a Kanmushi, as it is referred to in Chinese medicine, otherwise known as a Sugar Bug, which is indicated by the bright blue vein exposed on the bridge of her nose.

A what?! I know, it’s a first for me too.

At her birth, my very knowledgable lay midwife said that blue spot was probably a bruise from the birth canal and that it would fade and disappear. Obviously I soon realized it wasn’t going away, and I have since always considered it normal. However, two days ago at a check up I found it odd that her doctor asked if it was a bruise; naturopathic doctors are extremely knowledgable and aware of the odds and ends of the human body.

So I say divine intervention because how funny that just two days later while scrolling through The Holistic Squid for some late night reading I see a picture that says, “Is your baby’s blue vein a sugar bug?”

I was so surprised, I felt like the article was written about my daughter!


What exactly is a Sugar Bug?

A blue vein visible on the bridge of a baby’s nose is called a “Sugar Bug”, or Kanmushi. In Chinese medicine it is known that this vein indicates that the child will be very sensitive to sugar. It is considered a “curvy road sign”, that forewarns parents to proceed into the future with caution in order to prevent physical and emotional/behavioral problems from manifesting as the child ages.

What makes the Sugar Bug child different from any other child?

As indicated, the Sugar Bug will be sensitive to sugar, and it is likely highly addictive for him/her, so the parent should avoid giving too many sweet treats, including fruit. Sugar Bugs are deficient in essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins ( as was my daughter, so much so that she has had dental problems ), among other nutrients, and will need a nutrient dense diet and quality probiotic to thrive.

The Sugar Bug has problems sleeping at night, has difficulty with focus, tends toward a trademark “shriek” and screaming, and is prone to being labeled with ADD and ADHD. For emotional health and to avoid behavioral roadblocks, the Sugar Bug will require continuous rhythm, structure and schedule in his/her daily life.

What causes a Sugar Bug?

It is not known exactly what causes a sugar bug, but the author theorizes that in short it stems from a maternal lack of nutrition, balance and good gut flora at the time of Sugar Bug’s birth.

So wow, I feel like I’ve let my daughter down, and in addition I’m frustrated that as a holistic practitioner I’ve never heard of this “Sugar Bug” business!

Truth be told, until this last year or so, I’ve wasted a lot of time being rather unorganized and unscheduled in my parenting, lacking a natural knack for routine myself, and I know it’s affected my daughter. I know we could have avoided a lot of trouble, frustration and worry had I known about the Sugar Bug sooner, or perhaps had I just been a more organized person.

Parenthood guilt never ceases, does it?

There is an upside!

I subsequently searched the internet, finding that apart from motherhood forums and the aforementioned article, nothing is out there on Kanmushi.

The upside is that the advice given for the Sugar Bug is the same exact advice that can benefit EVERY parent and child! Every child deserves as nutrient dense a diet as can be afforded, and as much structure and routine as can be provided.

If you’re reading this and your baby has the telltale blue vein on the bridge of her nose, you have an opportunity to be prepared with understanding for your child during the restless nights and irrational shrieks. Or perhaps you become so prepared and proactive that you avoid these experiences altogether.

My search for information on the Sugar Bug is far from over, so stay tuned. Please comment your experiences if you have a Sugar Bug too!

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57 thoughts on “Sugar Bug! The mysterious vein on your child’s nose

  1. I have a sugar bug baby, she’s almost 3. Although she is prone to loving sweets (as I imagined all kids do) she doesn’t really fit the description described above (yet!…I hope) Other than being a sassy/feisty little thing, she’s pretty mellow and sleeps pretty well considering. It’s interesting to read about this, I always wondered about her blue vein, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to reduce the sweet intake and continue trying to incorporate a healthy diet!

    Thanks for the info!

    • Precious! 3 is so fun, my daughter just turned 4; lets just say somedays I miss 3 lol. Yes, I found it very interesting as well, and certainly all our babes can benefit from less sweets. Its probably not a hard and fast indicator of anything though. I have still not been able to dig up any more info. I’d love to know where HolisticSquid got their info from.

      Good luck with that bug! thanks for commenting

  2. My baby girl Kylie was born Oct 9 2014 and she has a blue vein on her nose! I have been obsessing about it daily I was sure I hurt her during child birth. It was very stressful and difficult labor! I was told by my dr it would go away. She is only 4 months and is a shrieker already but she is a good sleeper most of the time!! I keep trying to find remedies or ways to help her as she grows!! Thanks for sharing your story!

  3. My daughter is 2 months and also has the blue vein. She has been very fussy and unusually hard to get to sleep pretty much anytime she goes down for a nap. She also seems very antsy or anxious and wants to be constantly moving. She does not like to sit or lay in one spot for more than 10-15 minutes at a time. I am desperate for relief for her at such a young age as she can be very difficult.

    • Hi Jennifer, I understand your frustrations. Are you breastfeeding? If so, you might consider consulting a naturopathic physician or health coach about walking you through an elimination diet, which can help you figure out if she is allergic or reacting to something in your milk ( dairy and gluten are common factors ). obviously not knowing anything else about your situation, that is just one thought of many. I know that is a really trying situation to be in, and I hope you found this post inspiring rather than scary! Hang in there mom, and everything will smooth over.

    • Hi! I have a 13 month old who is exactly as you described your child. We are still struggling with sleep so – she hates to be still and will not lie in we crib 95% of the time, and when she does it is ever so brief as she twitches and can’t see no stop moving or settle. Like you were, I am desperate for a break or some relief! Did you find anything to help your child? Thank you!!

  4. WOW, I have always wondered what this blue vein on my 8 year old was. I noticed it as soon as he was born and thought he would outgrow it. He has been a very difficult child to raise; he was diagnosed with ODD, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety disorder and Gifted. I always saw a big difference in his behaviour when I cut sweets out of his diet. He craves sugar though. He was a great sleeper as a baby and never really shrieked but as he got older his moods changed and he became a really worried individual with a lot of anxiety. Its been a very difficult road, glad I came upon your blog to finally see what this is about. Now on to more research.

  5. My daughter is 2.5 yrs. She has had hers since birth and has become more noticeable as she gets older. I never really noticed until people would ask if she had something on her face . She is a vibrant very active child. Gross motor and language skills have always been advanced. She had night terrors since around 18 months. The smallest amount of sugar makes her hyper but on that note she doesn’t like sugar too much. She does like routine and when we stray from routine she gets flustered. She is shy until she’s comforatable then watch out! I had chronic digestive problems during my entire pregnancy and I am sure my gut flora was a mess. My birth was fine she was stuck for a bit and had a cone head When she came out. I also had gestational diabetes while pregnant. she is a good sleeper always has been. Won’t sleep anywhere but the couch since she started climbing out of her crib just after turning two. Hope this adds to the info out there on this vein. I think it fine. Fun name though ” Sugar bug “

  6. My 4 year old has this and I can’t believe what I’m reading. Except that I can!! It’s so true!! She’s always had a milk allergy. And she was impossible to toilet train until I stopped giving her squash. But this just solves the rest of the puzzle. Strange hyper active behaviour, put on squeaky voice, obsession with imaginary world………

  7. Hello my grandson is 18 months and has never ever been a good sleeper. He is constantly tossing and turning throughout the night and hardly will nap during the day. He does a lot of head banging with his head and often throws temper tantums. I was looking for answers to his lack of sleep and came across this site. It fits him to a “t”. I have begun to cut out all sugar I hope this helps…

    • Hi Lisa, cutting out sugar will certainly help! Head banging can be a sign of more serious issues, so I do not want to frighten you, but you might consider seeing a naturopathic physician to test for heavy metal poisoning is he has received vaccines. I’m not a doctor but that would be my FIRST course of action, were I in your shoes ( and I was ). This is simply a good precautionary course of action, and can help you head off any future problems, and also help you understand how better to facilitate his particular emotional and social growth needs. I hope that helps

    • Hello! Is your grandson head banging when angry or happy? Cuz my son does it when he’s excited or happy and I’m getting concerned. He’s 10 months old.

      Thanks Chantal

  8. Maybe someone can answer my question. I’m a very young looking 40 year old woman (look 25, always mistaken for being a college student and even carded 😉 ) I have very clear, pale Scandinavian skin (am half Swedish) and have always had a blue vein across the bridge of the top of my nose (1 inch below area between eyebrows). It bugs me terribly; I put makeup on it, etc but nothing seems to really cover it.
    I googled it recently and the only sites that keep coming up (to my annoyance) are baby sites, and something called a “sugar bug”. I’ve seen pics of 2 year old babies, lol, and they have exactly what I have.
    My mother never heard of this, I’ve never heard of it, is this what I have…as a 40 year old woman? A “sugar bug”?
    This is so bizarre.
    At any rate, any advice on how to get rid of it? Also, is al the stuff I’m reading about this blue vein being associated with temperament, etc, just folk lore?
    I was a very quiet, well behaved, normal baby, with a healthy appetite, no allergies to anything, and just, well, normal.
    Thanks for any input!

    • I think when it comes to the human body Jennifer, there are not always concrete answers t be found. I understand that is frustrating to not be able to find what you are looking for on the internet. I would say that you are just unique, as we all are, and that no, there is no way to get rid of your blue vein. All I can say is this: it bugs you, but nobody else, and it is noticeable to YOU and to nobody else. Can others see it, especially if you point it out? YES. But no one else in the world will ever care about it or think it is unattractive. You are capable of being beautiful, blue spot and all, just through the light and kindness you radiate to those around you. I promise you , that although you are not going to find the answers you think you need about your curious vein, you can learn to not care about it. Were I you, I would not attempt to put make up on it – why bother? Don’t allow yourself to be confined to any sort of unrealistic standards for beauty; you will never truly LIVE if you do. Love, ash

  9. My daughter was born with the blue vein it’s very noticeable. She is very addicted to sugar and getting bad teeth because of it. She has a very sensitive stomach and on nexium. She spit up til she was over a year old. She does however sleep good and not too hyper. She is 4 now and none of her doctors have ever told me what it was they just said it would go away but it hasn’t. Lots of people ask me if it’s a bruise. I would love more info about this.

  10. I too have had my blue spot on the bridge of my nose all my life. At the age of 52 I also get mistaken for a 35 year old. Some days the spot is very visible, other days not as much. I’ve grown to ignore it and except it as a special birthmark.

  11. My daughter fits the description, though I don’t really believe in “sugar bug “. But there is another thing that I’m trying to figure out. My daughter used to have a slight bluish pink vertical line on her forehead. I thought it was a vein and never questioned it. Well, recently I came across an article about mild trigonocephally, which affects the frontal lobe of the brain. Apparently, the kids with it have a slight vertical ridge on the forehead. I checked my daughter, and she does have it and fits the description as well…
    I don’t mean to frighten you, I’m not even sure if it’s legit, that’s why I’m trying to do a research. I just think that pressure in the head could cause the vein and the symptoms. Also, in the original article about sugar bug I can see a slight ridge between baby’s eyebrows… or maybe I’m just paranoid….

  12. ADD/ADHD is misdiagnosed up to 60% of the time. Check for mouth breathing. A mouth breather requires more CO2 (I believe that’s it), and thus is more active to create the CO2. Causes of mouth breathing …. tongue tie, including the highly missed posterior tongue tie, enlarged adenoids (blocks airway) and enlarged tonsils (blocks airway). A tongue tie is serious business. The tongue is a major organ responsible for mouth, airway, face and jaw development. It will pull on the muscles in the neck and shoulders, thus putting strain on the nervous system and spine. I speak from experience as my LO had a lip & tongue tie. LO is a completely different child after ties were revised, also sleeps much better. Fyi, she also has the blue vein. I read somewhere else the blue vein can be related to MTHFR gene mutation.

  13. My lb is 6 months and has a sugar bug, lip tie and tongue tie, reflux and milk intollerance. Reading this I can just picture me as a child, I had all these tell tale signs, and unfortunately i have noticed just lately that my lb is probably heading down the same route 😦 who should I see about getting some advice for me to manage this properly? Thanks Kim

    • Kim I apologize for taking so long to reply. I would be wary of which road you head down with your child. I personally recommend consulting with a good naturopathic MD and also consulting with a Holistic nutritionist or health coach so you can get on a good nutrition plan, which will make ALL the difference. Love ❤

  14. I am so happy I came across this article. I stumbled upon the phrase sugar bug on Facebook and I was just curious what it meant. And then I saw. Blue vein. WHAT?! This could be the explanation I’ve been searching for as to why there has been a blue mark on the bridge of my 4 month old son since birth. I too was told it’s probably something that happened during birth and would subside. Well 4 months later and it’s still there. It gets darker at times as well. My friend even asked me about the “bruise” on his nose the other day. I’m serious when I say this is fate coming across this sugar bug stuff. Now I can research further and take heightened precaution when raising him. He also has this tornado shaped area on his forehead that isn’t visible normally but when he pushes to hard on a bowel movement or holds his breath for some reason, it appears, big and blueish/purple. Then it disappears. It could be a coincidence. But maybe not.

  15. So little guy who is now 7 has the telltale blue vein but does not display anybody the symptoms mentiomed with the exception that he is crazy for sweets. He is my best sleeper and my. Most easy going kid. But my house has always been structured and we eat all natural (most of the time). He is a picky eater though and would eat ice cream for every meal if I let him!

  16. This fits my 12 year old to a tee. I have been fighting against his sugar addiction since he was around 2. I do not allow sugary snacks or drinks except for on special occasions. We did discover that HFCS, and artificial colorings are definite triggers. The problem is not so much at home but at friends houses and how he spends his money. Short of selling our house and moving outside of town I don’t know what to do. I have talked to most of his friends parents and they just don’t seem to be willing to limit his intake of sugar when he is at their house as it would mean doing the same for their own children. Two of his friends, he is no longer allowed at their houses because the sugar availability is so bad there. Thank you so very much for this information, I feel like I have suddenly been give insight into his world.

  17. I’m so glad I found this site and your comments. My 6-month old has just developed the blue vein and I’m concerned what it might be. He has also started a shriek, which I thought was him finding his voice but reading this it might not be. I have to admit that my diet when pregnant with him wasn’t great and I was also on antibiotics when he was born due to a UTI. He was born with a severe lip and tongue tie which we had treated and he’s always been very fussy and a bad sleeper. He is on probiotics and my diet is now GAPS (trying to treat a thyroid issue) but what can I do now to help him and provide him with the best start? He is exclusively breastfed but will be starting solids in a few months. Thanks!

  18. My 3 month old daughter has the blue vein across the bridge of her nose. In googling what it is I came across your website, and after reading the post & comments I am very worried! A marker of ADHD?? I thought it was due to her fair skin and would eventually recede. Also sad to read the comments from adults with the mark & how much it bothers them. None of this is good news for the future.
    As of now, my 3 month old is strictly breastfed, so no sugar intake. She sleeps 10 hours a night, and has since 5 weeks old, all on her own. Zero sleep training on my part. She is also the happiest baby I’ve ever met. Constantly smiling.
    One final thought, I tested positive for group strep b when pregnant with her, so I was put on an antibiotic drip during labor, thus killing all my good gut flora, thus giving her none…could this be the reason for her “sugar bug”?

    • Hey Laura – I’m not on here much anymore ( creating a new blog ) so I’m sorry your question went unanswered so long! I would not be concerned a bit for your daughter. She sounds perfectly healthy and from what you share, happy. There is no concrete evidence to say that a child with this vein will undoubtedly be a “sugar bug” child. I just aimed to open up the conversation after noticing similarities with my daughter. I should also tell you that my daughter is very happy and healthy! So stay in touch, and don’t fret! Enjoy that bundle of precious! OH, and can I just say CONGRATS and well done on breastfeeding??? You are a great mama! – Ash XO

  19. Thanks for posting this! My almost 5-month-old has the vein on his nose, and your description matches his personality! He is pretty fussy, rarely naps and wakes up frequently in the night. He is quite demanding, lol.

    I am breastfeeding him, and he hasn’t started solids yet. I was curious if you had any thoughts on how my diet may affect him, if he turns out to be sensitive to sugar? I haven’t ever researched how sugar impacts breastmilk.

    • Andrea, I am sorry that your question went unanswered for so long! I am currently working on our new blog! Start with gentle solids such as avocado, banana etc when he is ready; and YES, your sugar intake will affect his breast milk, so that is something to be lightly cautious of 😀 Good thinking mama! I hope you will stay in touch – we will discuss these topics in greater detail on the new blog! MUAH – Ash XO

  20. My daughter is almost 4 months. Her sugar bug line is very bright. Please help me I already feel so lost and overwhelmed as a single mother. I just want to give her the best chance at everything. I am breastfeeding and breastmilk if very sweet. I don’t eat candy or drink sweets and such. But I do eat potatoes and pasta and breads… I feel so over whelmed.

    • Kassandra I am sorry that your fears went undressed here! It’s been about 20 days since you posted this; if you’re still feeling overwhelmed take a BIG DEEP breathe and let it all out! It’s OK to feel like that. Your daughter is PERFECT ❤ There is nothing wrong with her; I initially wanted to create this conversation because I thought it SO ironic that my daughter seemed to fit the description of a "sugar bug". However know that even if the sugar bug diagnosis were real, it is not a sentence. It is simply a road marker to be aware of how much sugar your child intakes because she might be extra sensitive to it. KEEP BREASTFEEDING! You are doing the very best thing by her! Breast milk is naturally sweet – that's not a bad thing! You are a good mom for nursing that girl; hold her tight and give her extra love! I hope you will stay in touch – Ash XO

  21. I just happened upon this sugar bug thing on my holistic mommy group. My 6 month old has had this vein since birth. He was also tongue and lip tied, it was very tight. We had them revised at 9 days old via laser. He is my best baby by far! Sleeps well, only cries when hungry or sleepy, strong sitter, pulls up to stand, easily entertained. Maybe releasing the ties had something to do with it? Anywho… I’m happy to see this blog with mom’s sharing their stories on a subject that seems impossible to find much information on. We had a quick (3 hour) labor and easy home birth in water. He had a vein rupture in his little eyeball though. I did read elsewhere the blue vein can be a sign of cranial pressure, but this was only one site. Apparently an MD claims to be able to relieve that pressure. I’m skeptical for now. Just wanted to add any info I can to this mysterious sugar bug vein!

  22. My 7 month old has a deep blue vein across her nose. Pediatrician always says it will move over, but I just realized it’s probably not going to lighten. She also has angel kisses (capillaries too close to skin) or bright red splotches in the same place. My diet was great during pregnancy, but I received 2 doses of antibiotic during labor because I was strep B positive. I was so worried about this treatment, but did not want to take the chances of transmission. I wonder if it’s possible that this vein came out during labor? She has had a bit of reflux on and off since birth, she’s been constipated on and off since we started solids a few weeks ago. She just developed the SHRIEK when she’s pooping. It’s heart breaking. I’ve breast fed since she was born and plan to until she’s 13 months or so. I’m glad to find this post.

  23. Hello! I just found this post and i was so surprised! Im in my late teens and have always had the blue vein to this day; i always thought it was a birth mark, shows how much i know! The description of a “sugar bug” fits me to a t, espeically as a child it makes so much sense to me now :£

  24. I couldn’t help noticing that my 14 month daughter has a vein underneath her right eye. Would that be consider a sugar bug????

  25. Wow this is my son to a T . The shrieking noise is unmanageable now, how did you decrease or stop this habit? Please help. He sleeps well now, but still very speech delayed. If love so more information please and thank you

  26. Hi

    A Sugar Bug may be caused by a light problem to the Craniosacral system of the child, the way AD(H)D and other metabolic issues are also related to it.
    I would have her checked with a good Upledger’s Craniosacral therapist ASAP, to avoid further complications and to make sure this physical problem gets treated while it is treatable, because when Puberty arrives this window opportunity closes.
    You can find a practitioner here:, or by googeling “Upledger” + your city.
    Adults can’t benefit from Upledger’s Craniosacral therapy the way tender children can, but for them there’s another approach with wonderful results: a technique called CATS – Cranial Adjusting Turner Style. Google it!

    To recover a weak right hemisphere you can do at home this wonderful therapy, capable of pushing the button for Brain Plasticity and redirecting the new neurons to the weak side of the brain: the Brain Balance program. You can learn it from this book: “Disconnected kids”, by dr. Robert Melillo. Buy at Amazon the second edition, of March 2015.

    Chinese medicine is great, but I’m not sure they knew about the craniosacral system. The best is to integrate everything.

    My site:

  27. My baby has the blue vein. He’s 7.5 months old. He isn’t a great sleeper and has been a higher needs baby. I’ve had him on probiotics since shortly after birth. I really hope I can help him to avoid struggles in life. I’m a person who loves schedules and routines. Thanks for information.

  28. Hi! I have a 4 and a half yr old “sugar bug” , i have wondered about the vein, but never really worried….my little one LOVES sweets and can be a little hyper and definitely has the “shreik” and squeaky voice , but i thought she got that from me ( my nickname is “Skweeki”) i am so glad i googled this and found your article!!! Thank you, now i can start to really learn more!!!!

  29. My Daughter who will be turning 2 this May first the exact description that you stated. When she was a baby she was so calm, barely cried and slept great. At around 18 months, is when all her temper tantrums started, shrieking, easily angered, and wakes up at night shrieking and screaming. Just to back track my daughter has always been a very picky eater, one thing she loves is fruit and juice which I’m sure most children love. Of course we limit the amount of juice she drinks because of all the empty calories, less juice more food she eats or at least we keep saying that is going to work and it really hasnt but we let her eat all the fruit she wants which may not be benefiting her as much as we thought. I wonder if it has any connection to her picky eating.

  30. Hi, I have a 5yo girl with this. She has had it Fromberg. I thought it would go away but it hasn’t. Some days more visible than others. She was exactly like a lot of you describe your babies. Not a good napper,, cried for the first three months, wakes often at night and is always moving it seems. She is still always moving it seems at home, is very outgoing and opinionated, loves sugar, eats more fruit than any kid with a very varried appetite for them. Otherwise she is a bit of a difficult eater… Never been able to sit still long enough to read her a story… However I have asked many many times at school of all her teachers if she has problems and they have all assured me that she is a wonderful student. She listens well, doesn’t have a problem sitting still (although I’m told may kids in her class do have a problem) and she always answers the questions asked of her, is eager to participate ect… Anyway, I can pick and choose how this sugar bug completely describes her, and I can also describe how it doesn’t describe her.

  31. My almost 2 yr old has the vein and shares many of the above mentioned traits. Shrieks, always moving, LOVES fruit, bad sleeper, desperately needs rhythm and routine to his day, short attention span. My gut bacteria were desperately out of whack at birth, despite many years trying to correct my digestion. We had to stay in hospital for 3 extra days as I refused prophylactic antibiotics. He has actually regressed a lot in terms of his behavior since I was eating more sugar around Easter (he is still breast fed), knowing its related now makes it easier to manage. Working on including as many fermented foods into our day as possible. Now just need to focus on more routine! Great article, I also read the article from holistic squid and found it helpful.

  32. My daughter was also born with the sugar bug vein! She will be 3 tomorrow. We have fought through pica (Pica is the persistent craving and compulsive eating of nonfood substances. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition, classifies it as a feeding and eating disorder of childhood.) Which in her case turned out to be an iron deficiency so now I monitor her food intake as I have to make sure she is eating iron enriched foods but also not eating something at the same time that can counteract the absorption. She is very sensitive to sugar. At halloween for instance her father let her have 3 candies and she was awake all night power puking.

    When I was pregnant with her I had a consistent pain on my right side. They told me I had pulled a muscle. That was Feb 2013… Aug 2014 I still had the pain. Turns out my gallbladder had to be removed and within weeks I had the surgery. Thank you gut flora!

    Everything you said seems to fit my girl and i will continue to monitor her! Thank you for posting this!

  33. I just ran across this post and it is a very interesting article. I have a three year old son. When he was born he had a spot that looked like a blood vessel had burst during birth somehow.. After a while it had not dissipated so I knew it was just a vein. Not only does he have this “sugar bug” but he has a vein that goes down the center of the bridge and then splits going down both sides of his nose. My baby has always slept ALL night from day one. He is no more active than any other child. Extremely intelligent. I ate well throughout my pregnancy so it is not from poor nutrition or poor gut flora. I was ADHD as a child and grew out of it. I never had a sugar bug. My son is HAPPY 95% to the time. The other 5% is due from a need of more sleep when he doesn’t take a nap or wanting to eat. IT’S JUST A VEIN and just so ended up on my child’s nose. I am in the medical field and vein patterns, size and shapes and depth of the vein are different from person to person and mean nothing. If you look hard enough you will find something else that fits your child as if they are defective and they are not. Look at the structure that your child has in their life. FYI: ALL CHILDREN RESPOND TO SUGAR!!! Enjoy every min you have with them instead of looking for flaws. Your going to miss out on all the love and pride in your child. They grow up so fast that your going to miss them being small. I hope this helps you out. Just give them love and attention. No I’m not saying your a bad parent. Except them as they are and guide them in the right direction. Stay calm, strong and don’t get overwhelmed. Good Luck!

  34. I am not sure how or why Pinterest picked this for me but my 9 month old son has a blue vein across the bridge of his nose. (I’m not sure what’s creepier the fact that Pinterest knows that much about my son of the that there’s not much information on this issue) Anyway, I read through some of the other posts and he has started tossing and turning throughout the night, fighting his sleep and recently waking up crying and shrieking throughout the night. What can I do to help him?

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  36. I come from Croatia my sun has blue vein he had craniosinostosis early fused bones on head and probably has connective tissue syndrome he is very tall too sensitive but when he was baby he slept very well now he is 13years old he has anxiety and depression impulsivity etc he is also very smart with high Iq
    Nobody of doctors never told me about cause but i think that is connectide with this connective tisue syndrom
    Vesna from Croatia

  37. My son has this as well. He will be 4 in August. He sleeps well during the night, but fights nap time if he’s at home. He naps at daycare daily. He has been so disruptive at his daycare that I have gotten an appointment for him to see a counselor in the coming days. He’s hyper, doesn’t mind well at all, refuses to potty train at home, (although, he will at daycare) throws major fits and screams a lot, and hardly ever is hungry. When he’s being sweet, he’s the best kid ever, but if he gets in one of his “moods” pretty much all hell breaks loose. Very aggravating. Glad a friend showed this to me.

  38. I’ve been reading about sugar bug’s tonight, as I am curious about the little blue vein on the nose.. my daughter has it.. but most everything I’ve read in this article, and one other I’ve read so far are not like us. But what Laura said about strep.. when I was first pregnant, I had NO idea I may be pregnant and for a short time I took some medication that was a borderline type of medication.. I stopped short of taking all of it, then about a week later thought maybe I better finish it, but took a pregnancy test first.. I took it and found out I was pregnant…anyways not sure if that has anything to do with it… just thought I would throw that out there in case of any other’s had strep while pregnant.. as far as my little girl.. when she was a baby she would shriek, and was so loud everyone would turn and look at us… I’ve only heard one other baby like it ever.. and you didn’t know why?? changer her, feed her.. usually she was really big on doing this in a restaurant, it’s like she did not like to sit or be still.. I was thinking this was going to be a VERY difficult child. But it’s actually the opposite.. now she is six, and she crawled early, then a week later was walking.. I think it was 9mo, soon running, a bald baby running, she liked to get her way.. mommy alway’s carrying her… and if I didn’t would lay in the store on the floor as stiff as board and would not move.. she could be difficult, she wanted her way. But it was her way of telling me, I’m tired, I’m done! So now at six, she is very focused, caring, kind, respectful. She has never been close to having issue’s with paying attention, or not listening.. my oldest daughter has more of these issues with no light blue vein… I’d love to know why it’s so visible.. but with evidence from my daughter, what I know as far as ADHD, and all that.. not even close with my youngest daughter.. Hoping to find out more about why it’s visible??

  39. Hi, my 6 year old daughter had same blue vein , and I was looking for this long time, dr. Said nothing much about it , yesterday I just read this blog. So should I stop giving her sugar stuff, she didn’t take so much. She do have problem during sleep and she’s emotional too. Sometimes her behavior is so good and sometime not. Will it go away when they grow up ? Is anything serious?

  40. It sounds like all of you have had the “normal” experience with a newborn and infant. Anyone that tells you that you can give birth to an baby, have them sleep trained in 6 weeks, and go on with life as if nothing has changed, is likely experiencing PTSD or are in denial. Feed yourself and your child whole foods, balanced meals, with regularity, omitting sugar, soy, dairy, and gluten, an you will find even the easiest child is happier for it. This is no big revelation. And don’t freak Mom’s out about heavy lead poisoning. It is normal for infants to bang their heads.

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