Circumcision – a cosmetic procedure?

Between three kids and home school I have less time to blog than ever, though I find myself WANTING to blog more than ever. It is a comfort to me to be able to share in this space, and I thank you so much for allowing me to do so!

For now it is difficult to find the time to write and edit, but I really have wanted to touch on the subject of circumcision and share with you my thoughts and understanding of the highly debated topic!

Here’s my quick video. Due to convenience I’m going to be doing more in the way of vlogging, so if you would like to see more holistically minded content and you don’t mind the (temporary) poor video quality, please subscribe below!

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10 thoughts on “Circumcision – a cosmetic procedure?

  1. I did not hack off my sons precious flesh for no man, yea its painful and the hospital showed me a horror bidoe of how they strap the babies down and cut them, I was horrified! Turns out most moms in my peer group also opted not to did barbaric procedure. It was a religious tradition more than anything and really not required…lets imagine for a second your son is ypur daughter, would you circumsize her?

      • Oh sorry , no I didnt even though my husband was..and then many of my friends also chose not too ..I definately think its cosmetic or religious. Back in the 60’s & 70’s hospitals automatically circumsized babies, it was part if their inital hospital care, my mom said they didnt even consult her .. They just gave her the baby with his little part bandaged 😦

      • No apology needed, I just couldn’t tell. Thats terrible! I can’t believe that was ever done without consent..well I can believe when I think about a lot of insane things done in hospitals at that time. I know precisely how you feel, I believe it is normal to lose our cool in response to child cruelty, Id like to see more people react passionately.

      • Thanks and as I tend o use my iphone to reply, i always tend to make these ridiculous amount of typos. I support my friends who have gone the traditional route, and i try not to judge, but for many people its still either religious tradition. Also I have met those that do not educate themselves and just do it because their entire family has or pressure from hubby. Whatever your decision is, Im sure you will give it a lot of thought. Take care.

  2. You should check out Saving Our Sons. They are part of the Peaceful Parenting group and they have a great piece called “a letter to the happily circumcised man” that you should try to have your husband read. I believe that we were lucky to have had our boy here in Homer. He is happily intact and healthy! We were pretty sure it was going to be a no go, and the doc said that it is a cosmetic procedure. He seemed so relieved when we declined, and went on to say that all of his boys are intact and have had zero problems. It is a shame though that so many of our dollars as taxpayers go to Denali KidCare to cover unneeded circumcisions. I bith elieve that babies are born perfect and should remain that way until they have reached adulthood and can then decide to do what they want with their own genitals. It is not our choice to make.

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