Do you dread exercise? Do you have to try and talk yourself into it every time and are therefore never consistent? Or perhaps you love exercise and can’t get enough. Some people claim that anyone who “loves exercise” is confusing the process with the results, but this is totally not the case for so many!

Wether you fight with yourself to get moving or you love to make the time every day is completely dependent on your personality and body type. There are also different exercises that will best benefit each type. I have learned through practicing the principles of Ayurveda that with each body type, or dosha as they’re called in Ayurveda, comes distinct personality traits. The types are as follows:

Vata type – Air type:

*Vata types tend to have delicate bone structure. They are naturally willowy and thin people, and when balanced they are creative & right brained. When imbalanced they tend to experience the following:

*Dry skin

*Intolerance to cold



*Anxiousness & restlessness

*Crippling disorganization( losing car keys, credit card ect.)

*Have difficulty with concentration & sitting still for any period of time.

While the data tends to be drawn toward yoga and often running, she will benefit from a combination of training that includes resistance training. It is important for the vata to strengthen her frame for physical and emotional grounding. Walking and dance are also great additions to the vata’s grounding program. It’s also recommend that during the winter months vatas practice more indoor exercising as being in the cold air will be imbalancing.











Pitta type – Fire type:

Pitta body types are of a medium build, enjoy competition, like to be in control and tend to be very sharp. Constantly on the go, Pitta types make excellent entrepreneurs and business men and women. When imbalanced Pittas tend to experience the following:

*Excessive body heat

*Inflammatory skin problems

*Visual problems


*Stomach aches

Swimming is the ideal exercise for pittas as the water is cooling for their natural heat. pittas tend to enjoy outdoor winter exercises such as skiing, snowshoeing, ect. because they can better handle the cold and generally enjoy the challenge.


Kapha Type: Earth & water type:

Kapha types are slower moving and have larger bone structure. When balanced, they are the most grounded of people, gravitating towards laid back and peaceful activities. This type will have the most trouble with exercise as they would prefer to relax or engage in conversation than get moving. When imbalanced kaphas tend to experience the following:

*Heavy weight gain

*Slow digestion

*Asthma or allergies


*Short attention span


*Oily skin

When  balanced, however, kapha doshas have a strong, steady energy and great physical strength. They then especially excel at high endurance sports such as long distance running, biking, hiking, ect., which are all also very beneficial for clearing the tendency for kapha sluggishness and congestion.


Now, you might see a few of your own traits in each dosha. Allow me to explain – you can be a pitta, but still have what we would call a ‘vata imbalance’, where you are experiencing more day dreaming than usual, maybe you’re having difficulty keeping yourself organized for a period of time, you get the picture.

Though it is possible for any dosha to experience any of the three opposing dosha imbalances, there is a great tendency for Americans to experience vata imbalances due to our general high stress environments.

Bottom line: each body type has its strengths and weaknesses, but above all each type is beautiful. The most important thing you can do to be happy with the body you’re working with is to take care of yourself – body, mind and soul, in ways that are specific to YOU.

This is how you can learn to LOVE what you are doing! I promise that it is possible for everyone to enjoy exercise! Now get out there and make the time:)

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