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Hi! My name is Ashley Gregoire and I was born and raised in Homer, Alaska, where I still live with my husband and three children today. Growing up I found I did not fit in, and like most girls, my self esteem and feelings of self worth plummeted even further upon being bombarded with daily demoralizing and fake images of so called “perfect” women. Unbeknownst to me at the time, these feelings later followed me into all aspects of life, including my marriage and motherly practices.


( Before IIN and during my first pregnancy I attended cosmetology school for hairdressing where I made some great friends )

All of this changed after attending IIN, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, by which time I was already beginning to realize that conformance to society’s “normal” habits was not so much a priority for me anymore. My education at IIN empowered me to see the beauty of “fitting out”, as they call it, and embrace truth and acceptance of differences within all walks of life. For more information about my coaching practice and services I offer, click here http://holisticchickblog.com/grow/.

In my teens I experienced feelings of extreme loneliness and isolation from my peers, disorderly eating as a result of poor body image, and an abusive relationship which resulted in the birth of my first child, my sweetie Austin.


( Me at 18, 30 weeks pregnant and seriously unhealthy. )


( Newborn Austy and I… my dark hair SO reflects my emotional state. A traumatic birth left me with moderate postpartum depression for a while, not to mention I was still partially a sulky teen. )

Ten months after my son was born, and four months after meeting my husband and Austin’s dad, I began to realize that Austin was different than other babies his age. For one he did not tolerate being touched very much, let alone cuddled, and that was just the beginning of the long journey of struggles that were to follow.



( Austin at 8 months )

After quitting my job as a hairdresser and incorporating more natural living and eating habits, I gave birth to a much healthier baby, my daughter Nevaeh, two years later right here at home. My experience with better birthing after better living gave me the courage and motivation to then to give up on the very negative views and advice I had been receiving from the medical community about my son.




I began to seek out advice and wisdom from only those who believed in healing through nature remedies, and with their guidance and support we began Austin’s first heavy metal chelation therapy and had great success. I learned that outcomes of anything in life are greatly influenced by who you choose to surround yourself with and what you choose to believe in.

The more healing my son experienced, the more healing I experienced, and I came to know that this was because my baby’s struggles were my struggles passed on to him.


We are all connected through syncronicity, which is why I now try to practice forgiveness, unconditional love, and kindness for everyone I meet, including myself.

In March of 2012 I enrolled as a student health coach at IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition out of New York, New York. This work has helped me see the connection between all the things in life I once thought of as separate, such as emotional health, relationship health, spiritual practice, and of course healthy eating.


( My mom and I )

I realized everyone can find acceptance when they embrace who they were born to be. There is a place for everyone in this world, that is why we are here!

We are still working through some heavy metal chelation with Austin, and he has made incredible strides in his speech and social developments; so much so that I’m sure he’s not even diagnosable as having SPD or autism anymore. Yay!

Overall I am taking a hiatus from health counseling to homeschool Austin through Kindergarten, drive the kids from activity to activity, cuddle our newest baby Kai Martin, and push for the vocalization of truth on the subjects of vaccine safety, abortion, and women and children’s health.

❤ I love Jesus, who gave me a new life, with all my heart ❤


( Kai Martin was born at our home in the water, which ROCKS if you are delivering a baby with a large head BTW, on May 23rd, 2014 )





10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Ashley,

    I want to thank you for your article “Truth about vaccines not told” that you wrote for the Homer News. We have all been duped for decades on the whole vaccination debacle, and it’s unfortunate that the joke is on us.

    Thank you again,

    Phil Eherenman
    Homer, Alaska
    Certified Food for Life Nutrition & Cooking Class Instructor
    for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

  2. Hi Ashley, Glad to have run into you online. Great job you are doing. I live in Anchorage and have been involved in the issue for about 30 years. My non-profit website is Vaccination News (www.vaccinationnews.com). Hope to hear from you. All the best, Sandy Gottstein

  3. PS I actually wrote a column called “VAERS – Is the Joke On Us?”, another one called “VAERS – I’m Not Laughing” and more recently “Vaccine Injury Anecdotes Are No Joke”. Great minds or something.

  4. I just found your blog, looking for a good fish head stew recipe…:) I love what you’ve written about and so agree. Keep up the good work.

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