Heal psoriasis quickly

I lived with psoriasis for YEARS not knowing how bad it would get as time went on. What a scary feeling!

I now live totally in control of this disease! If life circumstances do bring about a flare up, I know exactly what to do to clear it up and be symptom free once again. Yay!

My heart aches for people living in the dark with this disease; I know how embarrassing it can be.

Follow these 7 steps/tips to living symptom free SOON! You can heal faster than you think.

*You* Deserve Better


Are you trying to quit a habit or addiction? Perhaps you’ve tried so many times that by now you’ve accepted defeat, and instead of striving to meet success, you’re merely treading to keep your head above the water?

Let me tell you why you should not admit defeat –  Because you deserve better. You have the same right as everyone else on this earth to enjoy health and longevity, should that be your path. You have the right to take happiness by the reins and to make it yours.

You deserve to have someone to tell you on a daily basis that your life is worth it. Today it is me. Tomorrow and every day after that, it might need to be you. If so, the more power to you.

We live in a society today where the norm is to poison ourselves with toxins that are so normal to us that most people actually mistakenly perceive them as nourishment. They pray for God to deliver them from cancer and disease, yet neglect to meet him halfway, continuing only to feed themselves and their children the very gasoline that fuels the fires of sickness.

To break free from the chains that shackle you to this cycle of inevitable suffering and loss, you must step out from the orderly formation of your peers and be willing to be the odd person out. You must be willing to become a spectacle, a curiosity, as you surely will be once you break ranks with the brainwashing that controls the minds of everyone you know.

You have been brainwashed to believe that the standards of beauty are set and unchangeable as you see them on television and in magazines, weather it be rail thin or thick and bodacious, all depending on what year it is.

You berate yourself internally every day because you do not ‘look like you should’, and yet continue the cycle by dining on your addictions for breakfast lunch and dinner, the irony being that this is what comforts you.

You have been programed to listen to every word your doctor tells you, drowning out your bodies warning alarms with prescription medications. Even worse yet, you mindlessly feed your children insulin spiking, brain damaging, artery clogging garbage on a daily basis and then pump their precious bodies full of medication in attempts to treat the immediate symptoms of their diets.

If I’ve made you angry, you should be. May the irritation wake you from your slumber long enough to see what you’re truly angry about – the state of society. Then take that anger and turn it into the fuel you will need to mold your life into what it was given to you to be.

Your life is a precious gift, one that should not be dictated by ‘normal’. Normal is cancer, normal is obesity. Normal is to be frightened and dumbfounded by our disease epidemics, and yet never looking to our local watering hole for answers.

Autism, obesity, anorexia, diabetes, schizophrenia…too many diseases to name. They ravage our our people, taking victims at “random” and leaving them bleeding in an already frightening world. We invite this to happen, we allow this to happen, we open our gates and eat our own pathways for this to happen.

Do you want others to continue to dictate the state of your being? Take your life back in your own hands and seek the truths you deserve to know. Put the cigarettes down because you deserve to breathe. Skip the drive through because you deserve to eat real food and you deserve to live pain free. Deal with the looks other parents will give you because your children deserve to live to the fullest.

Do not continue to poison yourself with a steaming hot plate of hydrogenation followed up by an ice cold glass of self loathing. Instead exercise just enough restraint needed to get through one day at a time junk free, and praise yourself for the enormity of your efforts.

It is not easy, it is not always fun, and at times it is painful. Quitting an addiction will surface painful emotions that will test your strength and cause you to re-evaluate your self worth.

You will find that everything you do, you do for a reason, and often the reasons behind the addiction alone are what need to be addressed. Pick yourself up and address them today. Do it because you deserve to. You have a unique set of gifts capable of changing the world in ways that no one else can, so go now and unleash them on us!

Change your life and you have the ability to impact thousands of lives for the better. Change your life by allowing yourself to be the person that you truly are, and do not continue to stifle your soul with the garbage you are told daily is healthy and normal.

As todays measure of ‘normal’ continues to become a greater source of sickness and disease, I consider it my greatest joy and accomplishment to be abnormal, and to teach my children to avoid ‘normalcy’ in everyday life as well. All people, children and adults, deserve better than normal.

Put down the cigarettes and the happy meals and the microwave dinners. You can accomplish anything you put your mind to, and the more you put your mind to your health, the healthier you will become. The healthier you become, the bigger you can dream, and the more lives you can touch.

You deserve to be healthy, you deserve to find happiness. You deserve to work hard and to revel in the fruits of your labor. 

Invest in your health, because you deserve to.