5 reasons to SMILE at a stranger


Too many of us smile too little.

We are TOO busy, TOO distracted, and TOO ungrounded; we too often forget the significance of a smile in our own lives, let alone impact it can have in someone else’s day.

Don’t forget these 5  reasons to SMILE at a stranger:

#1 ~ Smiling makes you healthier by boosting your immune system, lowering your blood pressure, and releasing endorphins in your body that make you feel happier!

#2 ~ Smiling makes everybody look good. Lets make this world a more attractive place!

#3 ~ Our kids are watching.  What example do you want to set for your kids? Personally I want my kids to witness me being that friendly-to-the-extreme person waiting in line at the grocery store, rather than the person who is reluctant to return a smile or a hello.  I have to remind myself to be really friendly ALL the time. Some days it comes easy, others it just doesn’t. That’s OK.

#4 ~ Smiling is contagious. Most folks that receive a smile from you actually do smile back – many times people are deep in thought or just unaccustomed to being smiled at by a stranger, so when you think you’ve been snubbed, it’s not likely the case! Spread the love to everyone you see! It will come back to you in full circle.

#5 ~ A smile can change, or even save, a life. Haven’t you ever experienced a kind word or smile from a stranger { an angel some people say } that completely lifted your spirits just when you needed it the most? Imagine what a smile can mean to someone who is feeling completely alone and hopeless. We can’t do as much for people in need as we’d like to much of the time, but we can be that smiling angel in someones day.

You just never know how your smile can change the world for one person.

❤ ❤ ❤


Flat belly for health

Hey Mamas! So many women, particularly us moms, suffer from chronic fatigue and brain fog throughout the day. If your energy and spirits are not up to parr, the first thing to address is digestion!

Believe it or not, there is a big correlation between a flat belly ( which is an indication of good digestion ) and your energy levels and mental clarity.

I am having so much fun with YouTube, and I’m so appreciative of all your feedback.

I hope this is helpful to you!


Healthy Living Tip: Raw Honey for Immune Strength

For those in the local area, tune into Alaska Matters Radio every Tuesday at 12:30pm on KGTL am & fm 100! It’s been dubbed the greatest show on Earth! For those out of state, no worries, you can still podcast episodes at www.adventurealaskaradio.com 

Here is my healthy living tip from this weeks show – how honey can boost your immune system and overall health!

My personal fave >
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Peace, and have fun with your healthy living! XO
P.s. ~ Never forget to keep your OnGuard ON HAND during cold and flu season!

100 Day Juice Feast :D


Did I tell you that I juice feasted for like, 15 days a while ago? No? Well, it was hard. It ended up being far more complicated that I had ever anticipated. While I originally wanted to juice for 100 days, ( lol ) I was quite miserable by day 15. This is not to say that it was a complete;y bad experience, no. I learned a lot and I actually do plan to fast/feast once a year from now on.

Physically I felt incredible. I just can’t emphasize that enough. It was euphoric just how wonderful and free my body felt. I have never had more energy, stamina or flexibility in my life! My skin was clear and my eyes were bright too. The part that was really draining was the loss of the emotional outlet that food had always provided. I could go on about that, but I feel that is another post entirely. Juice fasting also brings about almost another level of consciousness, or awareness of that consciousness, for the first time, which can be overwhelming at times.

Many are quick to wonder, “Why would you ever want to embark on such a journey of denial and discipline in the first place?”. As a health coach, after all, I encourage women to let go of the outdated perceptions that such principles are in the same realm of true healthy living and well being.

A juice feast is not supposed to be about denial and self control, however, although it does involve both in the beginning. A juice feast is a journey of detoxification and rejuvenation for both the mind and the body, and in idea, the spirit.

It’s been said that the body reflects the mind, and thus the mind reflects the soul. I’ve been told, and now experienced it firsthand, that juice feasting allows you to explore deeper emotional and spiritual truths behind the reasons we do what we do and feel how we feel.

I learned much about myself as an individual, and even more about myself as a parent and a wife. I am excited as well as apprehensive to have this experience again; I’m sure that the next time it will be a whole new one entirely.

Have you or would you ever juice feast/fast?