Will Fruit Make Me Fat?


Will fruit make me fat? I hear this question all the time, and it’s totally valid because the body building industry would have you believe it certainly can. Now, there is something to timing your foods, especially foods containing sugar, so generally speaking in terms of weight loss and other such ‘leaning out’ goals, it could certainly be beneficial to keep the fruit servings to morning/afternoon snacks/meals.

HOWEVER, I personally never advise that people abstain from fruit at night! For goodness sakes, especially if they are embarking on a totally foreign-to-them lifestyle change, they are probably having a hard enough time cutting out other preferred evening snacks that are much more unhealthy! I’d rather see them with a bowl of wholesome nutritious fruit over a plate of brownies any night!

Fruit – The Original Fast food! Unlike a lot of health advisors, I do not encourage the counting of calories, as it stands to reason that you can intake an “acceptable” number of calories per day, but if the quality of those calories isn’t healthy, you will gain weight regardless. If you are  consuming a low to moderate amount of calories consisting of artificial ingredients, those ingredients aren’t compatible with your body. Your body will in turn need to work twice as hard in order to figure to how to process them. These indigestible foods you consumed will then sit in your gut for a long period of time, causing harmful fermentation that will eventually cause health problems, and those health problems, in turn, lead to weight gain in the long run… and after all that work! When women have a hard time loosing weight due to hormonal imbalances, this is often times what is going on behind the scenes.

We are better off eating more calories that are natural and digestible sources of nourishment, than we are denying ourselves mealtimes or taking on the gruesomely boring role of ‘calorie counter’. I TOLD you health can be fun! Listen to your body, it’s never wrong!

Wait, my body is never wrong? Then why, oh WHY does it tell me to devour so much that is not healthy, like brownies, and cake, and…( drool )?!

Oh, YES, I can certainly answer that for you! And I assure you that your body is never wrong! But, alas, I feel this is another blog post altogether, SO –

Stay tuned for tomorrows post ~ Cravings Uncovered – Why Your Body Wants What it Wants & How to Change it’s Mind!

Remember,when we eat fruit we bring the ‘juice’ back into our life! So today, don’t exclude it! Fill your plate with fruit – 10 oranges if you like – and enjoy, totally guilt and care free!

Common misconception – laid to rest!

Happy healthy eating y’all!