Amazing Juice Part 1 – The Cancer Connection

Childhood diets are the major cause of adult cancers. Heart disease is easy to prevent. Cancer is different, cancer is more difficult. But we can win the war on cancer.

– Joel Fuhrman, MD


From cancer to diabetes, sometimes the answer to our illnesses are as simple yet complex as needing more fruits and vegetables. Simple yet complex? Yes. I mean to say that the answer is simple, yet the process of actually protecting yourself against disease can be seem complex at first.

The average American would be surprised at how many times improper nutrition is behind many of the serious illnesses and diseases so common in our world today. Many of you are probably getting sick of the ‘pill for every ailment’ approach, and are now looking to do more than suppress your symptoms. This article is for you!

Why Cancer –

When our bodies gets sick, they are communicating with us. When we constantly tune them out with modern pharmaceuticals, we never get to the root problem, and due to the additional resulting side effects, the list of medication needed then climbs higher and higher. And as many of you know by now, pharmaceutical prescriptions are a large part of our growing cancer rates.

There are many health conscious Americans, however, avoiding trans fats and eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis, and yet these individuals are still getting sick…why is that, you ask? This is where the complex part comes in.

Disease Prevention –

Cancer is one of the most frightening, devastating, and tricky illnesses to prevent. As quoted above, heart disease is easy. One must simply avoid trans fats, eat well and exercise on a regular basis. Preventing cancer, on the other hand, requires an individual to obtain CNA, or comprehensive nutritional adequacy.

The most dangerous nutrient to be deficient in… is the one you’re deficient in.

– Joel Fuhrman, MD 

Achieving CNA –

Using new advanced technologies, we can actually read a persons AGE’s ( advanced glycation end products ) in their tissues and skin. Simply put, this is a good indicator of a persons biological age. When compared with a person eating the Standard American Diet, or even a ‘Food Pyramid’ diet for that matter, a person consuming large amounts of organic leafy greens and  organic green cruciferous vegetables shows a much lower biological age.

More amazing still, take a woman with high GSTP activity ( a woman with genetic risk or predisposition for breast cancer ) feed her enough cabbage, kale and other raw veggies daily, and that gene putting her at risk for cancer is suppressed and therefore unable to express itself.

Synthetic Vitamins –

Now, I do not take synthetic vitamins or supplement my family with them, the reason being that our bodies aren’t able to assimilate them properly. Synthetic vitamins are never beneficial, in some cases, as with calcium and vitamin A, they prove to be very detrimental to our health.

It’s important to understand that synthetic vitamins are manufactured very similarly to pharmaceutical drugs, and likewise cause stress to your internal organs as well as oxidative stress to your cells. A little known fact is that cancer rates actually skyrocketed in 1930 when vitamins and minerals were first discovered and manufactured. These rates have continued to climb every single year since with no exception, in part because many synthetic vitamins are carcinogens, but more so because people then fell into the routine of believing that taking their daily multi-vitamin would be a substantial trade out for eating a healthy diet.

( Note – In no way am I placing all blame on synthetic vitamins, certainly there are a great many factors contributing to cancer rates today )

While it is true that many people are alive today only because of advancements made in the medical field, every time we try to re-invent the wheel of nature we will fail, and in the least face dire consequences where health and wellness are concerned.

Nature already provides us with the capabilities to achieve comprehensive nutritional adequacy, we must simply be willing to eat a LOT of raw veggies and moderate amounts of raw fruits. This sounds easy enough, but the problem is that many of us simply don’t enjoy eating that much raw food.

And of course we are so busy with our daily lives we just don’t have time to sit down and eat a bowl of raw kale, let alone chewing each piece until it’s completely broken down in order to even get the cancer fighting benefits of that kale.

Putting it all Together – 

The answer to the vitamin dilemma and to the veggie dilemma is easy, fun, and TASTY!

It’s juice! Not store bought juice, but make-it-yourself juice! Amazing, energy boosting, mood enhancing, life changing, and even life saving… juice.

There you have it! I hope I’ve given you some incentives to finally get that juicer you’ve been thinking about 😀

I’ll be back tonight or tomorrow to conclude with Amazing Juice Part 2, where I’ll dive into benefits and the juicer I personally use daily, as well as great tips and  juicing recipes that are family favorites in my house.

Green Goodness Folate Smoothie!


I’m sure, especially if you’ve had children, the that you’ve heard of folic acid and know what it is and why it is important to take during pregnancy and even before conception ( preventing neural tube defects in a developing baby ). But are you familiar with folate?

Folate is the general term used for a group of bio-available b-vitamins, and is also known as vitamin B9. Folic acid refers to the oxidized synthetic compound used in commercially manufactured vitamin supplements, and folate is naturally found in foods such as green leafy vegetables ( kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, swiss chard, ect. ), lentils, asparagus, broccoli and avocados.

Benefits & Risks of Folic Acid:

Research tells us that continual consumption of folic acid over extended periods of time actually increases one’s risk of developing cancer, particularly colon and and prostate cancers. 

I would advise that you stick with the guidelines set with your doctor or midwife for supplementation during pregnancy ( unless you’ve done your own research to decide otherwise ), though it goes without saying that steering clear of the synthesized version of folate after the child bearing years would be a smart move for your health.

Benefits of Folate: 

Studies show that daily, and even weekly consumption of folate will considerably reduce your risk of developing heart disease and stroke. While there is little conclusive evidence to show that folate might be a sufficient alternative to supplementation before and during pregnancy, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do both!

You and your baby will both benefit from getting your daily dose of green veggies 🙂 I should mention that beginning a juicing regimen during pregnancy is not safe, as your body will begin to detox and release toxins that can potentially be very harmful to baby. Blending and smoothies, however, is an excellent way for you to get the greenies you need!

This smoothie is a great way to start your day, pregnant or not!

Green Goodness Folate Smoothie ~

1 large ripe or slightly over-ripe banana

5 large kale leaves

1 1/2 – 2 ripe avocados

2 green apples

1 handful cilantro

7 drops Lemon oil

Blend and enjoy! Serves 2

Happy delicious blending everybody!

Cocoa…or Cocao? Incredible Supplimentation via Chocolate


If you haven’t previously met, let me introduce you now to the mother of all chocolate – true chocolate – the cocao bean!

Truly a superfood, cocao ( Ku-Kow ) has the highest concentration in antioxidants of any food or supplement known to man. You’ve heard that chocolate has PEA ( phenylethylamine ), the love molecule ( read here more info on PEA ). Let me tell you, the Amount found in commercial chocolate is quite weak in comparison to that in cocoa. In fact, every benefit that makes chocolate beneficial is from the cocao bean, as this is the base from which all chocolate is made.

The cocao bean is converted into the milder tasting ‘cocoa’ that we are familiar with, through a lengthy process of anaerobic fermentation ( meaning fermentation and conversion without oxygen ), diminishing much of the nutritional value. After the process is completed, sugars, preservatives and dairy products are added, diluting the health benefits even further.

The raw cocao bean is highly prized by raw foodists, food purists, herbalists and superfood connoisseurs around the world for it’s incredible healing quality and benefits as a dietary supplement. It truly is an extreme healing food, and makes for a great form of supplementation for  athletes and soccer moms alike, providing increased clarity, energy, stamina and faster recovery time.

Pregnant and nursing mothers can safely supplement with this incredible superfood as well. The following is taken from a article on the cocoa bean –

“According to a 2007 article in ScienceDaily, cocao beans contain a compound called epicatechin. This compound has so many health benefits that Harvard professor Norman Hollenberg believes it should be classified as a vitamin. Epicatechin’s effects might rival those of penicillin and anesthesia, and might help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer. Epicatechin has a bitter taste, so it’s usually removed from commercial cocoa products. If you want to enjoy its health benefits, you will need to buy whole cocoa beans and grind them yourself.” – Livestrong.com

Pregnant women can also benefit from the high iron levels found in cocao, as one teaspoon can fulfill her iron needs for an entire day.

If you caught my article on food energetics, you are already familiar with the concept that not just the nutritional value, but the actual energetic properties of certain foods are beneficial and even healing for various body parts/systems. What we didn’t cover is that every body part has a different emotional connection, though I’m sure you’ve heard of this before.

It is well known that chocolate ( and now you know – specifically cocao ) can assist in the prevention of heart disease and stroke. For this reason ( and from the first hand accounts of experiences with cocoa ) it is also said by many in the natural healing world that cocao is beneficial for the emotional healing of the heart, as well.

Cocao opens up our heart chakra energies and forces us to feel a deeper connection to the Holy Spirit, and with any hidden emotions that might lay buried. You can see, now, why this is a favorite snack of many yogis! It is considered a ‘transcendence’ food, so be prepared to cry 😉

Note to moms: Start your kids off on this form of chocolate early! Anything that you can get them to eat that will help fill in the nutritional gaps in their diet will be money and time well spent on your children’s health in the long run. It is bitter, but if you introduce it slowly – and without making any faces 😉 – early on in their life, they will eventually grow to like it!

You never know what kinds of healthy foods kids can adapt to when parents put their minds to it! I know, because while I personally eat it for the benefits without really enjoying it, my kids eat it and love it!

Try all forms of cocao, from the ‘cocao nibs’ to the stone ground ‘cocao paste’, as pictured here.

Hope you enjoy…the benefits at least 😉 Happy healthy eating all!



Fast Relief From Allergy Symptoms


Have you been unable to enjoy the amazing summer weather we’ve been having due to pesky allergies getting in the way and taking over your life?

Eucalyptus oil to the rescue! Before you resort to pharmaceutical medication, try this! It just might be the relief you’ve been waiting for…

Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years, and were mankind’s first medicine. Recipies for the production and blending of essential oils were recorded on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples in hieroglyphics, and incredibly there are 188 different references to their use in the Bible.

When diffused, essential oils serve as purifiers by removing metallic particles and toxins from the air, increasing atmospheric oxygen, and inhibiting bacterial growth. As we know, dirty air contributes to premature aging and overall poorer health. Essential oils work on a molecular level to promote not only physical healing, but emotional and spiritual healing as well.

Pure essential oil quickly penetrates the skin and cell walls, providing oxygen for proper nutrient assimilation as well as stimulating our immune systems. This works through inhalation therapy as well ( breathing the oils ).

How to use:

Simply rub a few drops on your chest, upper back between your shoulder blades and on your feet ( along with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil ), and put a few drops in your hands for deep breathing.

Inhale the oil very slowly for 10 seconds and hold for 1 0r 2 seconds. Very slowly exhale for 10 seconds, and repeat this process a few times. Do this an many times thought the day as needed. I promise it will bring you instant relief from your symptoms!

You may be thinking that you’ve tried natural therapies before – and maybe you even tried essential oils – and had no success, am I right?

If this is the case, it’s very likely that there is something more at the root of your allergies ( diet, lifestyle, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, ect. ), or that you didn’t use DoTerra! It is never safe or effective to use anything less that CPTG ( Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade ) oils, and of the few oils that are safe, doTerra provides the purest and most effective oils with the most consistent results because of their sourcing practices.

And of course, dust often, and check your house thoroughly for hidden sources of mold or mildew.

If you are pregnant or nursing, check with your doctor or midwife before using. Those with kidney or liver disease should avoid eucalyptus oil, as should those who are taking any sort of injected medicine. If you are already on medication, check with your doctor or naturopath to make sure that eucalyptus oil will not interfere with your medication and cause harm.

If you are interested in purchasing essential oils, or for more information, visit my doTerra website

or contact me directly at 907-399-1596 🙂

Easy breathing everybody!

5 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil for Sunblock ( UPDATED 2014 )


( Little Nevaeh soaking in the hot sun for our all day trip across the bay – this fair little child didn’t burn at all! )

RECENT UPDATE ( 2014 ): Lol! This post has received more attention by far than anything I have posted yet – I literally thought it would circulate through my family and friends on Facebook and end there as with my usual posts ( why this post God? lol ). Mostly I have received a lot of flack for it, and LOADS of hate. I should again note that my children, particularly my daughter who is pictured above, are extremely fair. I wrote this post not long after returning from our first family vacation together in Florida, the whole time using only coconut and emu oils as protection, without a single burn.

That being said, my husband did burn the back of his neck during a subsequent 2013 Mexico missions trip, and my I got slightly pink recently on our Hawaii family vacation. #1, my husband did not have me there to reapply every hour like only a natural-obsessed woman as myself would do, and #2, my skin reacted very differently in Hawaii as I was pregnant, and we all know that pregnancy skin is very sensitive.

SO, does coconut oil provide natural sunblock? Yes, and I still know many who use it as their only source of protection just fine. As I originally  mentioned however, it is something you literally have to apply all the time. For a more effective approach I recommend making your own DIY sunblock. I have since experimented with mixing 1 cup coconut oil, 1 cup emu oil and 15 drops of the essential oil Helichrysum ( which is a natural sunblock itself).

You can also find an excellent DIY sunblock here that I intend to make use of this summer 🙂 She also provides excellent links and information about the link between diet and skin health.

So again, take caution ( and do heed warnings about conventional toxic & carcinogenic sunblock ), but I still do encourage you to explore all that nature has to offer as sun protection – it works. > > >


I can only hope you’ve been able to enjoy this fabulous weather as much as the kids and I have been! It’s been phenomenal; gardening, outdoor play dates – all slathered up nice and good with coconut oil!

Why coconut oil?

Yes, I always get funny looks, lol, but I assure you it works better than anything else for us, and is much safer too!

The Polynesians, a culture known for their radiant skin and hair, have used coconut oil traditionally for many things, including skin protection, for hundreds – probably thousands – of years. A lot of people assume that only those with naturally darker pigmentation can safely use oils as effective sunblock, but it’s totally perfect for us pasty folk too! I’ve used both emu ( yes, it’s oil from the emu bird, and though a wonderful oil, it is far more expensive than the latter ) and coconut oils on my children ( both as fair as fair gets ) for years now, and they have never once burned with it on.

So, seriously…why coconut oil? Why not sunscreen?

Ok, 5 reasons to use coconut oil instead ~

#1) Number one, lets start with whats wrong with sunblock:

a. For one, it blocks more than just damage from rays, it actually blocks a good portion of the vitamin D and other important nutrients ( that we lay in the sun for in the first place ) as well! Coconut oil protects your skin from damage, while allowing your skin to absorb everything good and essential from the sun.

b. Second, but most importantly, sunblock is now a known carcinogen. When the suns rays hit the sunscreen on your skin, a chemical reaction occurs that actually creates and grows cancer cells inside your body, not only causing skin cancer, but contributing to a multitude of other types of cancers as well.

There is no disputing this today, as any current* cosmetologist or skin care specialist can tell you the very same facts. Why, then, are we still told to use it? And on our children? Because it is still widely believed that there is no better protection for our skin than the good ole’ laboratory – made concoction of chemicals :/ Wrong! I’m here to tell you that when God provides, he truly delivers every time! God – made beats man – made every day!

#2) Now, it depends on what grade sunblock you generally prefer to purchase, but coconut oil is generally the same price and in many cases much cheaper than your average sunscreen. Case in point.

#3) So, if you’ve read my Beauty Products page,, you totally already know my policy of ,”It only goes on my skin if I can drink it”. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it only takes 23 seconds to absorb whatever chemical we put on it. We don’t often think of it this way, but whatever goes on our skin literally is in our body as much as if we drank it down like water. When we look at it like that, it can really make us think twice about what we honestly want to use lotions/cosmetics wise.

One of the thousands of things that is super cool about coconut oil is that – wait for it – it cleanses our blood when used topically. Yes, I’m totally serious! Apply, absorb, and clean and heal! This means stable blood glucose levels ( unless you’re simultaneously chowing a burger or other insulin spiking food, but you know ), which means less binges and cravings.

And one more fact about coconut oil – it’s a thermogenic fat burner, which means it signals your body to create extra heat that in turn burns calories and fat cells. Detoxing and weight loss by applying lotion? Bring it, baby!

#4) Coconut oil has strong anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal and anti candida properties – now doesn’t that just sound like a nice thing to put on your skin? For this reason it makes for one of natures most excellent and effective wound healers/cleansers, but I digress…

#5) Coconut oil prevents and diminishes wrinkles and sun spots. In short, coconut oil is a saturated fat that acts as an antioxidant on your skin, helping it maintain it’s youthful elasticity, tone and texture, and slowing down the rate of wrinkling from oxidation( not that I appreciate societies blatant disrespect for the aging process, but there you go ).

There you have it, the 5 most important reasons to make the switch from traditional sunblock, to incredible coconut oil!

*Caution for first time users:

Until you know your skin with coconut oil better, and depending on how thick you apply, re-apply a light layer about once every hour, especially on particularly hot days, and always for children.

Be sure to use a quality oil for effectiveness. Select only oils that say ‘cold pressed’ or ‘raw’, and always organic because non-organic may contain traces of formaldehyde.  Below are the three brands I prefer from my local grocery store.


❤ ❤ ❤

Thinspiration for teens: how to get as skinny as possible as quickly as possible


Of the many social media networks, I am currently only a user of Facebook, WordPress as a blogger, and Instagram @Holisicchicks. These sites have been great for me to not only promote myself as a health coach, but also as a way to keep up with distant family members and freinds.

I recently discovered what many of you already know – that Instagram ( owned by Facebook ) is allowing and even encouraging anorexia, bulimia, self mutilation, and suicidal support groups.

Support groups…meaning groups – very large communities to be specific – that support the “lifestyle choice” to be anorexic or bulimic.

These groups encourage suicide with words and pictures that pose such questions like, “What’s stopping you?”, and, “Who would even miss you?”

Such is the vulgarity and gruesome nature of the pictures and postings within these communities ( I will not post specific hashtags for fear of encouragement ) that I was unable to sleep until 1:00 a.m. this morning out of pure horror at the lives being so openly lost, and the overwhelming number of participants involved.

Lives being lost for the profit of Instagram.

A new ‘fad’ in “lifestyle choice”, all for the profit of instagram.


The one thing that every single child involved with self hate instagram usage has in common is that they all feel the need to belong to something. I would like to be sensitive to the subject of such diseases as eating disorders and all who struggle with them, but I think it is also crucial to make it clear, to parents especially, that self hate is now spreading like wildfire – beyond the normal means of disease – to full fledged plague status. Self mutilation, in it’s multitude of forms, is becoming one of the largest fads of late among junior high and high school aged youth.

Many parents would justifiably assume that, well, “That could never happen to my child, I’ve always taught them better than that, I’ve always been a good parent!”

Well, you were. However, regardless of individual upbringing, most people go through phases at one point or another during their adolescence of feeling that they ‘just do not belong’. It is at such times, as you probably well remember, that you were susceptible to falling prey to things that were against your moral code of ethics.

Just like any addictive habit, it is easy to fall into disorderly eating, and self hate in general, but an uphill battle to quit.

Self hate communities are deadly cults. They send powerful messages of self degradation to their members and followers. Who are these communities composed of? Any young person who needs to belong to something, and ‘ghost’ accounts ( accounts posing as a real suicidal or sick individual that is actually a group of ill-intentioned pranksters behind the veil of a fake account name ).

Because Instagram refuses to put a halt on said communities, the responsibility relies solely on parents to get involved and to ask questions. Know what your child is up to online and who their friends are. Just as important – talk to your children about the pressures from media to be thin, among many things.

Feelings of failure where weight and body type are concerned are excruciatingly common among young women today, and yet this is merely the gateway emotion to more serious and even deadly frames of mind.

One of the best things you can do to not only build your child’s confidence, but to form lifelong bonds with them, is to get out and exercise together! Not only do endorphins strengthen feelings of closeness and stability, but studies show that young girls who excersice a minimum of 30 mins per day feel happier about their bodies, and self worth as a whole, than they otherwise would.

Be aware, stay involved, and stay strong!

Cravings-Why Your Body Wants What it Wants & How to Change it’s Mind!


Yesterday I talked about calorie phobia, and why it’s not at all necessary I told you that your body is never wrong, and now, as promised, I will elaborate on that and break down CRAVINGS as well with a quick Q & A ~

Q: What is the main cause behind my cravings?

A: In short, many things trigger and can contribute to cravings. Lets take a look at some of them now –

1) Your primary foods are out of balance – Primary foods consist of everything in your life that nourishes you body, mind and soul. Work life, relationships, recreation, sexuality and spirituality all contribute to your overall health, and when balanced, these components of your life make up your primary forms of nourishment. Foods you eat then become your secondary foods, as they are only your secondary forms of nourishment. Stress in any one of these areas will make you crave carbs, sweets and starches. This is because eating these things triggers your body to release endorphins, your natural happy drug.

2) You’re low on essential vitamins and minerals – It is entirely possible, and in fact very common, to be overweight, overfed, and yet starving to death for nutrients. In general, Americans eat ( here is where our carb/calorie phobia was born ) calories in excess that are empty of substance. Our stomach feels full from the weight of what we ate, and we put on the poundage of what we ate, but our bodies are still screaming at us to consume the essential compounds they need in order to keep functioning properly. Thus, we constantly crave more.

3) You are ( and crave ) what you eat – You’ve heard it before, every 35 days or so your skin replaces itself, using what you ate. The same is true of every cell in your body. Your cells are constantly replacing themselves, and they use what you eat to do it. Naturally, your cells crave more of what they are made of in order to nourish and replace themselves. You crave what you are made of.

4) You’re eating partial foods – And this directly ties into #2. You’ve hear the term ‘whole foods’ before, right? It really is a concept as simple as it sounds, but most of us are confused at first about what it actually means to eat a whole food diet. When we eat the SAD diet ( standard American Diet ) we’re consuming empty calories, and a lot of foods that have been stripped down, or ‘cut’. For instance, vegetables, fruits, clean meats, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes – are all whole foods, pure in their original forms. Now candies, microwave dinners, prepackaged foods, frozen pizzas and ice cream – not whole. They consist are parts of foods all combined together as ingredients to create a new meal.

Foods eaten the way nature intended, pure and whole in their original form, are completely usable in your body. Remember I said your body is never wrong? It isn’t, it’s very smart. Your mind can over think anything, and often does, especially related to ‘diets’ and phads. Just because a phad diet makes sense to your brain, however, doesn’t mean for one second that it will make sense to your body.

When you eat a 100 calorie treat that your brain has decided is a very smart choice, your body is processing this load of combined ‘partial foods’, and saying, “what is this and where are all the missing pieces?” Your body is only designed to eat whole foods, and so when it realizes that something is missing from the equation, it tells you to find the rest! In this way, your cravings are often your body’s search, and nothing to do with your emotions or boredom.

Q: I’m overwhelmed. What steps should I take first, and how long will it take to get rid of my cravings? 

A: My number one recommendation – don’t go it alone! This is where my job often comes in as a Health Coach, to act as a support system and a guide as you make goals and figure out what you need to do in order to reach them. You might also consider seeing a counselor, therapist, or some other kind of lifestyle coach who can help you get your primary foods in order. Your emotional wellbeing and happiness needs to come first for you to succeed.

Once you get a system in place for either healing/managing your emotional distress or eating a whole food diet, results always vary, but you can expect to begin seeing your cravings diminish within anywhere from 5 – 10 days in. Lifestyle changes are never easy, but with your primary foods balanced and someone you can lean on during the difficult times, theres nothing you can’t overcome!

Happy living guys!


Will Fruit Make Me Fat?


Will fruit make me fat? I hear this question all the time, and it’s totally valid because the body building industry would have you believe it certainly can. Now, there is something to timing your foods, especially foods containing sugar, so generally speaking in terms of weight loss and other such ‘leaning out’ goals, it could certainly be beneficial to keep the fruit servings to morning/afternoon snacks/meals.

HOWEVER, I personally never advise that people abstain from fruit at night! For goodness sakes, especially if they are embarking on a totally foreign-to-them lifestyle change, they are probably having a hard enough time cutting out other preferred evening snacks that are much more unhealthy! I’d rather see them with a bowl of wholesome nutritious fruit over a plate of brownies any night!

Fruit – The Original Fast food! Unlike a lot of health advisors, I do not encourage the counting of calories, as it stands to reason that you can intake an “acceptable” number of calories per day, but if the quality of those calories isn’t healthy, you will gain weight regardless. If you are  consuming a low to moderate amount of calories consisting of artificial ingredients, those ingredients aren’t compatible with your body. Your body will in turn need to work twice as hard in order to figure to how to process them. These indigestible foods you consumed will then sit in your gut for a long period of time, causing harmful fermentation that will eventually cause health problems, and those health problems, in turn, lead to weight gain in the long run… and after all that work! When women have a hard time loosing weight due to hormonal imbalances, this is often times what is going on behind the scenes.

We are better off eating more calories that are natural and digestible sources of nourishment, than we are denying ourselves mealtimes or taking on the gruesomely boring role of ‘calorie counter’. I TOLD you health can be fun! Listen to your body, it’s never wrong!

Wait, my body is never wrong? Then why, oh WHY does it tell me to devour so much that is not healthy, like brownies, and cake, and…( drool )?!

Oh, YES, I can certainly answer that for you! And I assure you that your body is never wrong! But, alas, I feel this is another blog post altogether, SO –

Stay tuned for tomorrows post ~ Cravings Uncovered – Why Your Body Wants What it Wants & How to Change it’s Mind!

Remember,when we eat fruit we bring the ‘juice’ back into our life! So today, don’t exclude it! Fill your plate with fruit – 10 oranges if you like – and enjoy, totally guilt and care free!

Common misconception – laid to rest!

Happy healthy eating y’all!