Brown Rice ~ Benefits & Caution


( one of my favorite post work out meals ~ eggs straight from the farm to our kitchen, and organic whole grain brown rice )

My husband and I LOVE brown rice! We literally would be contented to never eat anything beyond brown rice dishes again if it came down to it. So – in light of our affinity for brown rice ( & the many pictures you’ve seen if you follow me on Instagram @holisticchicks ) it’s high time I posted about the incredible benefits of this wonder food, as well as a word of caution at the end.

An excellent source of fiber, magnesium, zinc*, and vitamin B-6, organic whole grain brown rice has incredible healing powers and can be a fabulous addition to any weight loss or otherwise healing regimen. Containing over one hundred different antioxidants, the bran on brown rice is held in the highest regard among health enthusiasts, and even considered to be the most nutritious substance ever studied.

Brown rice constitutes for a complete meal all on its own, or can fill in as a perfect carbohydrate side dish with any protein source – a favorite post workout meal for the serious athlete. Because it has a low glycemic index ( meaning that your body will digest it slower than refined carbs ) your body will have fewer spikes in blood sugar levels, which in short means fewer cravings, no impulse eating, and a steady metabolism ( which means weight loss/management ). Lastly, the large fiber content in brown rice will keep you feeling full much longer throughout the day after eating it than you would feel after eating two Big Macs 😀

While it does sound like the perfect weight loss and balance food, and really it is, I must now give the word of caution I mentioned. The naturally occurring zinc in brown rice actually binds with the zinc in your body, and is not stored, thus leaving the avid brown rice-er zapped of essential zinc levels.

So – play it safe and keep it to between 2 to 3 servings per week … unless you’re like me and you can’t get enough! Oops!

Haha 🙂  No really, anything in any amount of food you choose to eat is ok, but it’s always wise to at least be informed on what you’re made of 😉

Happy healthy eating all! 😀

Quick Tip – Prevent food borne illness with vinegar!


Did you know that the majority of salmonella outbreaks, an illness we commonly associate with raw egg and meat products, are actually contracted from raw PRODUCE? Wow, yes, and that’s not even getting into the whole gamut of food borne illnesses ( E. coli, Shigella, Norovirus,  Hep. A, Giardia lamblia, Rotavirus…)!

Raw fruits and vegetables can become contaminated when they come in contact with people ( the workers who haven’t washed their hands before handling your veggies!! ) and surfaces ( fertilizer or soil that contains MANUER! ) that have previously been in contact with raw meat products or fecal matter. Your produce, thank goodness, does not undergo pasteurization or any other cooking procedures, and so when contaminated, infectious organisms can thrive, spread, and cause food poisoning.

DON’T let this make you wary of produce, however! Let’s not underestimate the necessity of glorious greens and the lot of raw produce in our daily diets. It’s true that we need these things to even have a functioning immune system in the first place, so what can we do to protect ourselves?

VINEGAR to the rescue!

A 2007 study by “Cook’s Illustrated” magazine found that using a method called the ‘vinegar wash’ was the most effective and affordable method for washing produce, removing 98% of the infectious bacteria without scrubbing. Source: Vinegar is an antibacterial, and hey, no risk of side effects here!

This is super easy and as I said cheap to do. Simply get yourself a spray bottle, add 3 cups water, 1 cup white vinegar, and upon bringing your lovelies home from the grocery store, spray them down ( enough to coat the veggie or fruit in question, so anywhere from 3 – 7x ), and rinse immediately!

Try this at home 😀 & enjoy safe and tasty healthy eating all!

Prevent/Clear acne holistically 3 easy tricks

Are skin problems or irritations putting a damper on your self esteem? Here I’ve shared 3 simple tricks that you can implement into your daily routine that can get you on the road to clearer skin asap!

Feel free to pm me with any questions/concerns or for more info on how you can accelerate your detox regimen for a healthier glow 😀

Red salmon & food energetics


My boys brought home some beautiful winter king salmon – to my my great excitement because it was a lifting day for me, yay 😀 – and WOW, the ways I could go on about the benefits of this fish. I have to emphasize to my AK friends how blessed we are to have the opportunity to eat this incredible dish so readily.

Red Salmon facts –

* The best muscle building food you can get your hands on, it trumps red meat ANY day.

* That red orange color is Omega 3 fatty acid – this is extremely important for overall but especially BRAIN health. You need Omega 3’s. Period.

* Fish intelligence

Ancient knowledge tells us that we take on the properties, both physical, vibrational and mental, of what we eat. Native Americans prized deer meat because of the stealth, demeanor and intelligence of the animal. Even in todays world where we are so consciously disconnected to our natural hunting and gathering senses, you can still see the subconscious mind working on our behalf to enable us in our daily endeavors.

For example, business men especially, and those in other such ‘cut-throat high pressure’ jobs, tend to be drawn towards eating beef because of the stubbornness/bullheadedness of cattle. Buisness men subconsciously know that they need such energies/qualities to succeed in their careers.

The more we learn about fish, the more we learn just how complex the communication methods are between fish and fish schools. There is still much to learn about these animals, but it is safe to say that they are extremely intelligent, and that when we eat fish we are not just benefiting from the Omega 3’s ( how amazing is nature, right? ), we’re taking on their energetic properties as well.

This is no coincidence, we see this phenomenon in nature consistently. The avocado is so beneficial for healthy uterine function, (it’s actually been recommended that pregnant women consume 2 -3 avocados per day ) and what do they look like? A womb. Right?

Tomatoes have lycopene ( which btw the old saying is that we must cook the tomato to get 5 x the lycopene, but new research shows that we can BLEND the tomato for 5 x the lycopene! YAY for raw foodies! But i digress… ) that is very beneficial for the heart, and what does it look like? A heart. It is said by raw foodies everywhere that tomato is not only good for the physical heart, but the heart energy we carry.

At the end of the day, some people are interested in food energetics, and some aren’t.

For those that are, here is my advice: It’s all about listening to your body. The world of nutritional advice can be so confusing, Right? A good healthy habit to practice – meditation.

Quiet your mind, forget what you’re told you should and shouldn’t eat, and listen to your body. Our minds can be tricked, and our minds can over think anything, but our bodies by design are never wrong!

Happy healthy eating all!

Springtime Zinger ~ A must for a lovely raw glow


This drink I have fondly named Springtime Zinger, as it has spice and sweetness, and zest all at once ! It brings a smile to my face 😀

This detoxifying drink will give your complexion natural clear glow, as well as lift your mood and enhance your energy. This is defiantly a sweetish drink, and because carrots become more glycemic when juiced, I would recommend making this a morning or afternoon drink.

Have fun fun with it and make this recipe your own!

* 6 carrots

* 3 small or 2 big apples ( apples of preference )

* 1 1/2″ ginger root

* 1 good sized chioggia beet

* 2 lemon wedges

* your fanciest glass because you are treating yourself 😀


No Sugar Bakes – A delish no guilt dish


Looking for a healthy AND easy to make munchy snack? Try my ‘no sugar bakes’ 🙂 These are a family favorite in my house, and we make them every movie night!

Follow these simple steps and enjoy!

* 1 3/4 cup organic unrefined coconut palm sugar

* 4 tbs unsweetened coco powder ( cocoa powder or pieces for the raw lovers )

* 1/2 cup milk of choice ( I use raw goat or oat milk )

* 1/2 cup coconut oil

* 3 cups organic quick cooking oats ( Bobs Red Mill )

* 1/2 tsp vanilla stevia extract ( totally optional tastes fine without it )

* 1/2 cup natural style peanut butter or any kind of nut butter you prefer ( my husband prefers this recipe w/ raw pecan butter )


Step #1 – Add the palm sugar, coco powder, milk, coconut oil & vanilla to a sauce pan and heat one minute min., or until everything is melted.

Step #2) – Turn off the heat & stir in the oats and nut butter until evenly blended.

Step #3) – Spread on a sheet/plate and refrigerate for 20 – 30 minutes.

Step #4) – Remove, slice, serve & enjoy!


Here is one brand of the coconut sugar I use. I normally use the palm sugar bags, but they were out today & this doesn’t taste any different.  I’m not sure that coconut sugar & palm sugar aren’t one in the same. If anyone knows please share 😀

Boost your metabolism with one easy trick!

water art-4

Are you on a weightloss journey? Are you looking to boost your energy? Boost your metabolism? Get more out of the healthy habits you already have in place?

This ONE simple detox strategy can do more for you than you would ever imagine and its FREE! It’s water.

As we know it’s not just about the healthy foods and supplements that we consume, but a huge part of finding success in our healthy endeavors is strategy.

Todays healthy living tip : Drink 1 – 2 liters of warm – room temperature water upon waking up tomorrow morning BEFORE eating or drinking anything else.

What this will do is actually cleanse your GI tract. You know how they say we can actually carry up to 30 lbs of toxic waste in our intestines? Not only is this extra heavy weight that we don’t want to be carrying around, but this garbage will speed up the aging process, impose on your energy levels and ability to think clearly, weaken your immune system and EVEN stop you from absorbing nutrients from the healthy foods you do eat throughout the day .

Flush your system tomorrow! Start your day off right!

Although there are many products out there claiming “colon cleanse”, none are actually as effective as simply practicing this easy healthy living tip each day that you can.

Benefits from drinking water upon waking :

1) Increased energy

2) Increased sex drive

3) Clearer skin

4) flatter stomach

5) Relief from stomach ailments

6) Weight loss

7) Decreased cravings

8) More mineral and vitamin absorption

9) Happier moods/decreased swings

10) Increased spiritual awareness & conection